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ICC Men's Cricket World Cup


I broke my PC

BB gun se pc pe khela jata hai, aap 1998 Brian lara cricket khel rahay ho 😂
My chappals were enough
Indian minister begs Australia not to beat India as Indian Prime minister was watching.

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I'm anticipating a 10000 page thread on the lynching of Rohit Sharma

meri taraf se advance me :like:

Bro wtf, what are thoseeeeeee, your toes are pointing in all the directions. Bc next time shoes pehan lena your feet are compared to shaqs and lebrons but you ain’t no athlete 😂
Gangu DNA

at least my ancestor nani and dadi didn't get raip'd by them marauding hordes from the registans.
Not really. Players at this level have all the help to understand this aspect and not fall for such things.
Aussies, planned it very well and their strategy catered for each player. They implemented it very well and came out on top.

Those MFs are one tough nut to crack. Bravo to them.

Australia have outthought and outplayed India big time. Their assessment of the conditions and then the skills to pull off that bowling display was sensational Never write off the Aussies
Ok now that the match is over, a serious question I wanted to ask that despite so much security on the ground how can s#it like this happen
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aankhon se north east waala lag raha hai

communist manipuri christian or what ?

iski identity ka khullasa karo

so we can burn his village down and raip his lot

lo ji

roflpindi express aa gai, right on time

damn, banda kamzor lag ra hai

hope he's allrite healthwise etc
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Well well well, Australia deserves this win, they were great in field, India came out second best in the world today.

I have a few concerns though, Head should have been given out by umpire on that Indian review that went umpire call.

Also since modi ji was there some rss guy should have stabbed Head instead of displaying the Palestine flag to Kohli. :argh:

Australia did what they do best, performance in pressure, and were better team today.

Let's make this as the norm for two best teams on the planet facing off for the prize.

Today I'm with Australia for their well deserved performance.

Great final end to this world championship 🏆.

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