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Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

Murdering children is in their scripture and we have seen videos of rabbis, political leaders, and Israeli media justifying it. Meanwhile, moderate Arabs: No broblem. Zizz normal, Ya'ni, zizz good model for ze world with ze Abraham accord normalization.
The irony is there are truth-speaking, righteous Jews/Israelis, but very few among Arabs, who are mostly in US or UK because they can't speak freely in Arab states. These states have no doubt given strength to the Zionist ideology in their rush to normalization.
Gaza exposed the evilness of nationalism and the current order of nation states. Nationalism is responsible for discrimination, injustice, deaths, and misery of hundreds of millions, including refugees, like never before in history
prior to the 20th century. Its inhumanity and cruelty are at a grand scale practised by law and policy.
Even Americans ask this
Arab rulers don't care about Palestinians. Neither do they care about non-Palestinians. UAE makes wars by proxy. At some point they have been involved in wars in Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nobody is more dangerous for Arabs and Muslims than Arabs.
Rabbi: "Do not have mercy on the children"
Wow, and they call others animals. They don't have a right to complain if someone applies their standard on them. Hitler very likely knew about it.
This is the kind of leader the world needs in most countries. He isn't saying anything special, but he sounds like an angel because we have become accustomed to the worst kind of criminal values in democratic governments and leaders.
Sabra Shatila massacre of 3850 children and women in refugee camp. Have Arab states ever acted to punish and prevent massacres?
Spain refused Israeli warship to dock, but Morocco lets it in. Goes to what I have been hammering. Arabs largely do not respect Arab and Muslim lives, a greater danger than Zionist and Islamophobic ideologies.
Brainwashed Islamophobe thinks Israelis didn't steal the land and rights of Palestinian Christians and only Palestinian Muslims are a problem.
He is correct. Shows wisdom lacking in most mainstream western politics. Without outside pressure and accountability, chances that a full blown extremist, racist, apartheid, genocidal society reforms by itself is very, very slim to none. Arabs agreed to normalize it which is absolutely crazy.
Former US ambassador and former US assistant secretary of defense says Israeli society is brainwashed and its regime is fascist.
Arabs want to maki'd a monay with the genocidal regime. When will the farcical and highly dangerous OIC be disbanded (for the sake of the safety of vulnerable Muslims and minority Muslim communities).
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