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Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

Israel immediately withdrew ambassadors from Spain, Norway and Ireland for recognizing Palestine. Arab states didn't do it for the genocide of Palestinians. Over two months into the genocide they were talking normalization.
According to end-time narrations, what seems like water is fire and what seems like fire is water.

Arabs established a very dangerous precedent by devaluing Arab and Muslim lives to less than animalistic level, as Jewish scripture demands.

Non Arab Muslims must disassociate from Arabs, in the Ummah sense, otherwise genocides and animalistic discrimination against Muslims will become normalized in other parts of the world.
Just imagine if there was no opposition in the West to the genocide. Israel would have killed atleast a million Gazans by now, even with Arabs dropping food packets.
More likely, without opposition to the genocide in the West, Israel would have killed all Gazans by now, every man, woman, and child, as their scripture says. Arab/Muslim states are no deterrent to Israel.
Former UN ambassador of Israel calls Palestinians animals.
It is clear, only the low-level opposition in the West prevents Israel from entirely killing the Gazan population.
Overwhelming majority of Israeli society does not disagree with him in principle. The West deters them for now, but there are powerful leaders in America who wouldn't hold back Israel in the least.
This means an Arab militia from a minority in Lebanon established some deterrence against Israel. All Arab states combined have none. Can this be overlooked? Is it excusable?
Just out trailer of Zeteo documentary
Wow, as I said yesterday, Israelis want to kill between a million to all Gazans. Arab states would simply watch. Only a new-found, low-level opposition in the West motivated by humanitarianism prevents Israelis from doing it.

The logical thing to do is to drop the highly dangerous notion of ummah with Arabs. For most Arabs their ummah is only Arabs and they are happy to kill Arabs/Muslims.
It is an important question to consider and highlight. What would Arab states do if Israel killed a million Gazans or if there was no life in Gaza 'the day after', as Israelis truly want. They say it in the video. Israel can certainly do it if it wants and it is not the Arabs stopping them. Arab regimes would throw the case to the 'international community', while thinking they have to do torture and killing themselves.
Anyone else notice how casual most Arab leaders are to the mass killing of Arabs/Muslims going on globally for decades? In the Gaza genocide, a couple of times the King of Jordan gave a dramatic speech, yet also used his military to defend Israel.
I said most Arab leaders, but I think it is almost all, with very rare exceptions. In Arab culture, they worship the ruler/king/tyrant. The people are like slaves, and disposable.
UN investigator: Israel has a criminal army.
So much for the most moral army claim by Israeli and American leaders. You can throw in German, British, European, Arab, Bharati, and Pakistani leaders/governments too because they all persecute, penalize, or criminalize criticism of Israel to some degree, even if some don't openly say it .
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