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Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

Righteous Jew resigns.

"Copy Israel, that's all!"
Wait, what. Idol worshipper Saudi Arabia is confused by this. Saudis don't understand justice and humanity.
The answer is in what MBS the idol worshipper said, "Copy Israel, that's all!" Most Arabs are products of thousands of years of idolatrous culture, which also worships tyrannical rulers. As a result, they do not understand justice and humanity, and threaten both (including Muslims). Reprehensibly, many consider the murderers of the Prophet's grandson morally equal, or better, than the victim.
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Thousands of Israelis visit Egypt for joy and vacation as they genocide Gazans in a cage.
How much proof is required to understand Arabs and much of the 'Muslim' world are very selfish and morally reprehensible. Disband the OIC. It gives a false appearance of unity in faith, strength, and purpose.
'Both sidesism' doesn't want to confess Israel is illegally occupying territory, practises severe violations of human rights, apartheid, war crimes, genocide, and so it must be held criminally accountable for the sake of the future of humanity
Former FM of Australia.
There is no equivalence. One side stole land and treats humans worse than caged animals. Anyone will resist that.
At the highest level they only talk about two state solution, and the focus is on the state, instead of on people's lives and circumstances which must be eased. It is a global issue. Humanity has to come first. People don't have fundamental rights.
Emphasis on the state disappears when it comes to Arab states utilizing and coordinating their state power to pressure a political and humanitarian solution, then it becomes the job of the 'international community'.
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To summarize, it is a very huge failure of the Arab states and leaders and it will be recalled centuries from now. They did not adequately respond to extremist, very dangerous, genocidal, anti-Arab/anti-Muslim rhetoric and ideologies which govern some states (not just in Israel). On the contrary, they normalize it, appease it, and ally with it. UAE did not even register displeasure with Israel, downgrading or cutting its relations. State actions are the most impactful and consequential, not empty statements made by the Arab League or the OIC.
Individuals and people need protection and it is the state's job to protect them and this is where the total failure is. States don't need our protection and defense. States have big militaries protecting them with armies of government workers.

States like South Africa, Ireland, Colombia, Brazil, and Spain responded. Brazil is divided, perhaps half of Brazil is pro-Zionist, similar to its former president, yet politically it responded more vigorously than the UAE.
Individuals and people need protection and it is the state's job to protect them and this is where the total failure is.
The failure is global, but when it comes to 'Muslim' states, Islamophobes claim the failure is because of Islam. No amount of Islamic religious reformation, or removal, can fix state failure in doing their job.

There are three states which use Islam as state political/nationalist ideology --- Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. Many Muslims want to escape these states as much and more than non-Muslims.

Unlike nationalist states, actual faith based Islamic states have a moral obligation to protect individuals and people, regardless of religion. The state leader has a personal moral duty accountable to the people and to God. Such a state does not exist. For example, if there are homeless people and the state does not provide help, shelter, and a path forward, that is not an Islamic state.
Israel immediately withdrew ambassadors from Spain, Norway and Ireland for recognizing Palestine. Arab states didn't do it for the genocide of Palestinians. Over two months into the genocide they were talking normalization.
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