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Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

Of course not, its just a discussion forum

No, they wont be allowed to return.

They wont allow them to return.

I dont know what Hamas tried, but I can tell you that conquering land without air defence systems, anti tank system and a secure line of logistics is not going to successful. So if they tried to take back their land, this is not the most effective way of doing it.

you cant really take land with 1,000 fighters. You wont get far. I would imagine from a military strategy, you would need 400,000 fighters and insert them in a major city. You might then take the city, but again without air defence and tank defence and logistics it would be more like a raiding operation.

I am not expert on international law but I do know that if you are strong enough you can do whatever you want. So what I think is irrelevant. When the Palestinians are strong enough, they will take their land and set their own rules of behaviour. And they wont ask me or any international court.

Okay I see. We are pretty much in agreement.

God bless this woman I tell ya, incredible what she's been doing from the start.

BTW, have you seen this or do you know if it's been posted in the last 10 pages or so? I haven't been on today so I'm not sure if it has or if you've seen it but I don't even know how to react to something like this?! Fox got caught with its pants down literally & figuratively! This is absurd beyond belief that this was actually staged. Watch the end where it stops, and the supposed Hamas fighter was putting his clothes back on or if it was when he was taking them off and preparing for the acting job? And notice the special demon Goebbels with the all the cameras in front of the great actor whose job is dedicated to take these "special pictures" and footage for their propaganda department.

Here's the translation:

The appearance of a clip described as scandalous and accusations levied against the American Fox News channel correspondent of colluding with members of the occupation army to stage this play when he pretended that the soldiers were able to arrest one of the gunmen...Later, the same arrested person was seen returning to dress comfortably.

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