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Under construction Diamer Basha Dam is a mega multipurpose project with 8.1 MAF gross water storage and 4,500 MW installed power generation capacity.

On completion, the project will irrigate 1.23 million acres land and generate 18 billion units green, clean and low cost hydel electricity per annum.

A sum of Rs.78.5 billion is being spent on resettlement of affectees and CBMs in health, education and infrastructure development.



The 1530 MW-Tarbela 5th Extension Hydropower Project is a component of green, clean and least-cost energy generation plan, WAPDA is implementing on priority.
World Bank is providing US$ 390 million and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank US$ 300 million for construction of Tarbela 5th Extension Project.
Electricity generation from the project will start in 2025. With completion of Tarbela 5th Extension, installed capacity at Tarbela Dam will increase from 4888 MW to 6418 MW.



The 4320 MW-Dasu Hydropower Project is planned to be completed in two stages. The under construction 2160 MW-Stage-I will start electricity generation in 2026.






Asian Development Bank approves $250mn for power transmission network

  • ADB says Power Transmission Strengthening Project will help reinforce stability of national grid
November 17, 2023

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved $250 million in loans to improve and expand the power transmission network in Pakistan’s Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces, read a statement released on Friday.

ADB said that its Power Transmission Strengthening Project will help reinforce the stability of the national grid by increasing its transmission capacity.

As per the multilateral institution, the project will expand the high-voltage transmission network to close 500 kilovolt (kV) and 220 kV transmission lines loops and reduce transmission losses in Punjab’s Lahore city by replacing old transmission lines.

“Reliable power supply is essential to inclusive, sustainable economic growth, and it will also provide economic opportunities to rural communities,” said ADB Director General for Central and West Asia Yevgeniy Zhukov.

“We are pleased to continue supporting Pakistan in its efforts to achieve energy security while improving energy efficiency.”

ADB said that the project will complement its ongoing support to the National Transmission & Despatch Company Limited (NTDC) aimed at ensuring energy security, climate resilience, and increased transmission capacity to deploy sufficient, reliable, clean, and cost-effective energy.

“Improving the management of the national transmission system of Pakistan is another key objective,” it said.

The bank said that the project will also enhance the project and financial management of NTDC, as well as its capacity to incorporate climate resilience in planning and operations.


“To promote gender equality and women’s involvement in the energy sector, ADB will develop guidelines for mentorships, conduct awareness campaigns, establish childcare centers, and provide technical training to female staff in the NTDC,” said ADB Senior Energy Specialist Takhmina Mukhamedova.

“This project also includes livelihood skills development for women in the project areas to improve their economic opportunities, and training for local communities to enable them to respond to climate-induced natural hazards.”

Last month, ADB approved technical assistance of $2 million for “Preparing the Sindh Coastal Resilience Sector Project.”

The project will focus on the Thatta, Sujawal, and Badin districts. Conditions in these districts have been degraded by a confluence of environmental factors, resulting in land subsidence, flooding, erosion, and saline intrusion, ADB said back then.
Dargai Rehabilitation Project:

WAPDA awards Rs. 10.6 billion contract for civil, electro-mechanical works
June 13, 2024: WAPDA awarded the contract for civil and electro-mechanical works for rehabilitation of Dargai Hydel Power Station worth Rs. 10.6 billion to a Joint Venture (JV), comprising two Chinese and a Pakistani firm.

WAPDA is carrying out rehabilitation and capacity enhancement of Dargai Hydel Power Station with Financial Support of AFD, France.

According to the contract, Dargai Hydel Power Station will be rehabilitated in 3 years. On completion of the rehabilitation project, Dargai Hydel Power Station will generate 22 MW of green and clean hydel electricity. It will provide 130 million units of low cost hydel electricity to the National Grid annually.
Dargai Hydel Power Station, located in Malakand, was constructed in 1952.

After serving 72 years, it requires rehabilitation to continue its operation.
WAPDA is implementing a two-pronged strategy for optimal utilization of hydropower resources in Pakistan. Under the strategy, WAPDA is not only constructing new hydropower projects but also rehabilitating and upgrading its old hydel power stations to maximize the ratio of environment friendly and low-cost hydel electricity in the National Grid.

Rehabilitation of Dargai Hydel Power Station is part of the said strategy.
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