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Announcement: The Gun Corner Is Here.


May 3, 2009
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Hello, respected members.

Defence.pk has taken the step to initiate a separate sub section, for gun enthusiasts. This section will have following information available.

* Information on gun laws in Pakistan/other countries
* Information on gun safety, and promotion of responsible gun usage.
* Information on handguns
* Information on assault rifles and shot guns
* Information on ammo
* Information on gun lockers
* Information on maintenance and cleaning products/techniques
* Information on accessories ie red D.O.T sights, holsters, suppressors etc
* Information on newly developed weapons.
* Information on gun sales and dealerships in Pakistan/other countries
* Information on military standard rifles and new inductions.
* Information on sports, hunting and clubs..

Important: When creating, new threads please make sure to post as much info as you can about the weapon system, so that novices can understand too.

Please enjoy the new section, give us your feed back & notify me threads that you would like to be moved to the new section from the existing bunch of threads.

Regards: Aeronaut

@RescueRanger @sandy_3126 @Bezerk @Abu Zulfiqar @Chogy @gambit @Xeric @TaimiKhan

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@Aeronaut, yara, I think there is a typo in thread title.

By the way, awesome to have gun corner! :D
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I thought there was one already..
So we can discuss about npb and pb type weapons? or like other forums you will not allow the prohibited bore disscussion?
Great Move on creating This section! Can we have a threadon Old guns Like WW1 and WW2 Rifles and Guns. @Aeronaut
Please do go ahead a start compiling one, I am trying to put together an article on the same with posting first Mosin nagant, M1 garand, K98 Mauser, Carcano Modello, Lee enfield, Starting with the popular ones and then going to the lesser known ones eventually.
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Please dont hot link images -- most members cant see them or the images disappear after a few months

use imgur a free file hosting site which does not even need registration
@Aeronaut , that is awesome! Thank you v. much for this.
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In Russia there is a gun place open 24/7 which you can visit and shoot any hour with the gun of your choice also in Poland there are various shooting places you can visit.

Here is one below

Krakow Shooting
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