Pakistan to lodge protest against U.S. drone attacks

American Senator, Diane Feinstein, stunned us with a strike just as sneaky as the drones, when she claimed that “as I understand it, these are flown out of a Pakistani base“, commenting upon the origins of the notorious drone flights that have scored a pretty hefty toll of Pakistani kills. This basically means we’re supplying the US the means to bomb Pakistani citizens and then protesting about it!

Ok, this might be hard for the foreign office to figure out so I’ll help them figure out a solution… Throw them out!

We’re seriously a dumb lot. Only Pakistani politicians could get away with utter deceit like that. Somebody should move the courts to have a look into this unholy alliance. I would like to see the independent judiciary take the government to task on this issue. If Pakistanis have to be killed, someone should be answerable in the court of law for it. Someone should have a solid case that each and every dying soul was a terrorist.

Otherwise its plain murder.

The independent judiciary is useless if it can’t stop the murder of Pakistanis by foreigners with the wink and a nod of our government.

I still remember when not too long ago we were hoping the Obama administration would bring about a change in the military strikes. That was another dumb thing to do, since Obama had clearly said that he would attack Pakistan (for various reasons, he explained later).

This is Obama’s surge. It is clear that the drone attacks would be more rampant, cover a larger area of Pakistan and the boys with the joystick in Nevada (yeah they are safely bombing from Nevada!) are going to be a tad bit more trigger happy.

The Pakistan Observer has pointed out that “mostly women and children” were killed out of the 12 who died. The rest may not be terrorists either, they are just men, probably with beards so the thugs in charge of this operation can put whatever label they want and it would fly.

The Pakistan observer says:

The local volunteers and rescue teams rushed to the site to clear the debris to evacuate the victims. Two seriously injured including a woman and minor boy were shifted to Peshawar for treatment.

Their statement is verifiable. They were taken to Peshawar for treatment hence hospital records would should easily name who was taken where. However check out the spin for western consumption:

The Taleban have cordoned off the entire area, they said.

I’m sure the Taliban must’ve set up a perimeter, put some yellow tape on the crime scene and are busy taking photographs for documentation purposes. No verifiability of their claim! Even though they took this information out of local journalists, not a single photo to prove their point. It is a cleverly implanted statement to reassure people that don’t worry only terrorist scum have been killed and the women and children are cheering the drones as their saviors!

Mr. Obama I would like to congratulate you on finally taking the bold steps towards the closure of Guantanamo Bay. No one should be punished without going through due process and a fair trial. So why are you still playing judge, jury and executioner in Pakistan?

Protest away, Pakistanis! We’re certainly are a dumb lot!
Chowdaan karore yeh gadhay! Jinka naam hai avaam