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  1. Maula Jatt

    Who is more Islamophobic, Jews or Hindus ?

    I have had Jewish friends with relatives in Israel , Hindu, atheists, Church going folk's Here's my honest ranking Hindus - - Atheists - - - Jews Christians are not Islamophobic or at least it's rare, most Christians just ask questions about Islam that's all - any Islamophobia from them was a...
  2. Maula Jatt

    What Are You Listening to Right Now - Round 2

    IDK, I just liked the song
  3. Maula Jatt

    Do you believe in a/some spiritual Guru/Sant/Saint/Pir/Baba ?

    A baba should have a day Job - a plumber, business owner, white collar worker whatever But baba without a daytime Job is either a fake free loader Or has no worldly responsibilities for him to relate to your problems Both cases make him incapable of being your spiritual guide Spartan...
  4. Maula Jatt

    What Are You Listening to Right Now - Round 2

    @Goenitz @KedarT @Paitoo @Mentee
  5. Maula Jatt

    Why do Bangladeshis loath India?

    One doesn't need to be a rich superpower to know you niggas are a bunch of retards does it just a functioning human being Damn straight - all but cavemen and repulsive streets shitters after crossing Sindhu Sindhu civilized all 🤝
  6. Maula Jatt

    Why do Bangladeshis loath India?

    its a quom, a historical tribal affiliation predating islam - like tribes in central asia, Arab, kurds, chechans etc correcting you because you were calling it crap or making it sound like its part of a hierarchal caste system which it is not and those who are proud to be from any other group...
  7. Maula Jatt

    Do you believe in a/some spiritual Guru/Sant/Saint/Pir/Baba ?

    nothing wrong with that (not corruption thats wrong but expecting a spiritual guide to act as other wordly or not like a normal human being) - my family follows a peer who takes no money from anyone gives out an informal lecture every week, prayers/chillas to do for his followers, gives out...
  8. Maula Jatt

    Pakistan Football News & Discussions - August 2022 .

    18 k people, that's wild!! I hope PK FF builds on that and come up with a proper league with broadcasters, advertisement, sponsors and all also diaspora to build a competitive international team
  9. Maula Jatt

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    this war radicalised me against Israel like how indians talking trash after PIA airliner crash radicalized me against them They have no humanity left- if peace is to prevail Israeli society at large needs a change in mindset
  10. Maula Jatt

    Punjabi Music

    Her expressions/ rhyming 💯, 10 out of 10 ♥️♥️
  11. Maula Jatt

    Cars, Coal, and Crop Burning – The Three Cs poisoning Punjab

    It is clear what needs to be done to solve the smog problem, and the legislation is already in place. But will anyone act? It came almost out of nowhere. In the winter of 2016, late in the month of November, Lahore was engulfed in a way it had possibly never been before. Thick, yellow sheets...
  12. Maula Jatt

    ICC Men's Cricket World Cup

    celebrations in IOK, Bangladesh In comparison we are only sticking to crap talking on the internet :lol:, sri lankans also talking crap These dudes really be getting hate from everyone
  13. Maula Jatt

    Why did Pakistan choose to expel the Afghan immigrants at this point in time?

    You started using heroin again? Get some help
  14. Maula Jatt

    Sept CA deficit shrinks to stand at $8m

    Pakistan’s power generation cost declines over 8% in October https://www.brecorder.com/news/40274382/pakistans-power-generation-cost-declines-over-8-in-october
  15. Maula Jatt

    Argentina election: Milei’s victory puts the peso’s future in doubt

    Let's see how this works out - extreme socialism to extreme capitalism Argentina is a very, very rich country just badly managed
  16. Maula Jatt

    Sept CA deficit shrinks to stand at $8m

    Pakistan’s current account deficit clocks in at $74m in October https://www.brecorder.com/news/40274216/pakistans-current-account-deficit-clocks-in-at-74m-in-october
  17. Maula Jatt

    Daronomics was actually Nawazonomics from Day 1

    We can look at reer value to see if currency was controlled or not
  18. Maula Jatt

    S.M campaign to defame pak exposed

    imrandoo is a term I created which means - a youthiya much like a gandoo is sexually attracted to Imran No takers of false imrandoo claims here either - theres no sound evidence of Pak supplying weaponry to israel except for youthiya blabbering
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