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  1. razgriz19

    JF-17 Flying in a Rare Formation

    I love how our eastern neighbors loves to put down this bird, they constantly forget one thing if this aircraft was bad as they say PAF wouldn't using in exercises all over the world. Using a defective aircraft would tarnish PAF's name
  2. razgriz19

    India: Phull Sapport Ijrael Sir!

    Someone needs to remind Indians, zionists DO NOT like idol worshipers. You can look that up
  3. razgriz19

    Pakistan Test Fires Ghauri MRBM

    Just like someone else mentioned, its a "test" but basically means missile is getting old and instead of just retiring it they fire it so troops get some experience
  4. razgriz19


    A country that's on the cusp of defaulting is buying airplanes. Priorities 😄
  5. razgriz19

    First on CNN: US left behind $7 billion of military equipment in Afghanistan after 2021 withdrawal, Pentagon report says

    It doesn't matter. Most of that equipment will become obsolete without proper support. I'm sure Afghans will find a way to use some of the munitions but it would have to be improvised devices, which unless another country invades them, won't hurt anyone else.
  6. razgriz19

    Pakistan Air Force Transport

    They will sell it to us. Key word is "SELL". If Pakistan pays up front or finance it through proper channels insead of begging for a loan, they'll sell most of their weapons to us
  7. razgriz19

    PAF Reveals Bayraktar Akinci, TB-2, WL2 and Establishment of National ISR and Integrated Air Op Center in a Newly Released Video

    If the local industry can't produce a usable product, PAF won't waste their money on it. Military budget is limited as it is
  8. razgriz19

    Ukraine Delivers First Upgraded IL-78 To The PAF

    They were probably down there for maintenance check. Most likely C or D check equivalent. Just because PAF operates it doesn't mean they have the capability to undertake such maintenance heavy tasks.
  9. razgriz19

    PM and Army worried about Afghanistan while Karachi?

    Controlling crime, enforcing Law and order is not the job of Federal government nor the army. The provivial and city government should be looking after that. We have paramilitary units for that reason if an operation is needed
  10. razgriz19

    PTI working in Karachi

    People should maintain these. It doesn't matter if the government builds and cleans, roads, parks, canals, if the people decide to throw their garbage back in them we would be back to square one
  11. razgriz19

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    And what if JF17 is attacked first? Now it has to shake off the incoming missile with extra mass which would the performance as you can imagine. Your aircraft would be toast.
  12. razgriz19

    The Russian Su-57 Stealth is preparing to be equipped with a very advanced engine that has no equal in the world

    Actually if you do some digging around you will find that only a 1/3 of raptor fleet is combat capable at any given moment. 2/3 spend their time going through maintenance and training and they usually do not have RAM coating on them as it's very expensive
  13. razgriz19

    Boeing 737 Engine Failure Reportedly Causes Cargo Plane to Go Down in Water Off Honolulu

    Read and try to comprehend the article first properly before blaming Boeing It says 737-200. That's classic aircraft designed in 60s
  14. razgriz19

    CAA to outsource pilot licence exam to British firm

    Because that same Pakistani will try to buy his license if he gets a chance. Close to two hundred people died because of incompetent pilots. If you need a reminder go listen to the audio of that PIA crash. "Inshallah" doesn't help land an airplane. Proper flying knowledge and skill does.
  15. razgriz19

    PAKISTAN . Aviation & Airports

    Good choice. Q400 performance is unmatched
  16. razgriz19

    Featured Anatolian Eagle 2021 - JF-17 To Pitch Against Rafale and Vipers

    Avionics in JF17 and F16 are also obsolete if you're comparing it to what's available today. Development, testing and production takes decades. Technology is evolving on weekly basis. Look up what computer system F-22 was using till a few years back and you will understand what's what.
  17. razgriz19

    World Exclusive JF-17 and Rafale in Joint Exercise

    Yeah sure. Meteor is.
  18. razgriz19

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    I'm no design engineer but space in one big reason. F-16s landing gear is in it's belly so it stands taller when measuring ground clearance from the wing. JF17 doesn't have much space in the belly so landing gear is attached to the wing just like Mirage. However Mirage is a low wing aircraft...
  19. razgriz19

    World Exclusive JF-17 and Rafale in Joint Exercise

    An exercise is good for experience and familiarization but it doesn't guarantee a win. Indian air force does regular exercises with airforce that operates block 52 F-16s.
  20. razgriz19

    Tesla to recall 285k+ cars in China over faulty cruise control software

    You clearly can't comprehend how far ahead Tesla is from the competitors. They're changing the way how a car is built, and I'm not talking about batteries. Tesla is only been around for two decades, a spec on a timeline compared to other automotive giants and yet they're revolutionizing the...
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