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  1. bd_4_ever

    Bangladesh Bank asked to transfer foreign exchange reserve from US soon

    What I know and read thus far is that its just one lawyer who served this notice. Its nothing that significant. Also, I dont think BD will remove their reserves from the FR. IMO, just some boo-ha-ha and brownie point opportunity for certain group because: a) BD wasn't invited to 'democracy'...
  2. bd_4_ever

    Bangladesh is making a serious attempt to improve its schools

    The 3 lakh is an example figure so readers can understand the context in terms of taka. It is not the central point to what I wrote. A 30k salary in Bangladesh can just suffice for many people. Similarly, 3.5k CHF here isnt really much given Suisee is the most expensive nation on earth but...
  3. bd_4_ever

    Europe increasingly interested in selling arms to Bangladesh

    You all need to relax. I mean this is a country that will re-build roads which are already perfect condition every 3-4 years just because they are bored. Buying F-35s is nothing. :lol:
  4. bd_4_ever

    Bangladesh is making a serious attempt to improve its schools

    The model is the same in Switzerland too, or let's say in most European welfare state. Its an excellent method to ensure low unemployment, more societal engagement and lower crime. An apprentice directly out of high school who trained in a special field for 3 years will find employment soon and...
  5. bd_4_ever

    PM for formation of two new divisions as Padma, Meghna

    Ya but what purpose does it achieve, apart from an obvious BCS exam question about the names of two new districts?
  6. bd_4_ever

    Bangladesh Navy Do228NG emerges from its stable

    We have a fetish in patrolling and transporting. We will not buy armaments rather things that can do these 'soft' activities.
  7. bd_4_ever

    Are we afraid of Bangladesh: Subramanian Swamy questions BJP's silence on attacks on Hindus

    I know nothing of the discussions that happened above. Just logged in to say that I read the title as Submarine Swamy.
  8. bd_4_ever

    Bangladesh minister says Islam is not our state religion, will revert back to 1972 constitution

    This is never happening lol. AL knows this will sign their death contract. Just big talk.
  9. bd_4_ever

    Pre-clinical trials of Bangavax show success

    Well, I hope this time they caught the monkeys properly and controlled for all endogenous factors?
  10. bd_4_ever

    Pakistan invites investment from Bangladeshi business community

    Why does Pakistan want investment from us? I get the impression that Pakistanis are stronk and does not know, care about or need BD.
  11. bd_4_ever

    BUET beats IIT to become Asia West champion in Moscow programming contest

    Good job lads. MIT/CalTech/Carnegie Mellon calling. :)
  12. bd_4_ever

    Muslim Bangladeshi making Devi Durga idols in secular Bangladesh

    Pardon my language but that is the most dubmf*cked thing I have ever heard. I mean one can be confused but this is just another level.
  13. bd_4_ever

    bangladesh air force helicopters entered illegaly into india

    @Destranator : If helicopters can do the job, why do you need MRCAs? BAF is smart. Be like BAF.
  14. bd_4_ever

    Thales sells high-tech radars in Bangladesh

    Although a good radar, are we getting anything alongside to do deal with threats that we detect?
  15. bd_4_ever

    How much power does Bangladesh require?

    Good to be back too! Ya I mean old Dhaka is a gone case. But they should fix the wirings in atleast the 'posh' areas, starting from Banani to Baridhara. I mean, Dhaka is slowly getting into shape. Metro rail and bus lines will come in. We need to fix issues in other domains and not just...
  16. bd_4_ever

    How much power does Bangladesh require?

    This is a sweet problem. The more we grow, and we will, these surplus power will soon be needed. So we are on the right track. I just hope that soon they fix this overhead cable problem in the main cities. It is ugly & risky.
  17. bd_4_ever

    FM Momen tells WION that Indian Politician utterances about Bangladeshis migrating to India are absurd

    Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Man wtf is this sh!t :rofl: :rofl:
  18. bd_4_ever

    FM Momen tells WION that Indian Politician utterances about Bangladeshis migrating to India are absurd

    Swiss people working in South India? Wait what? o_O This is the first time I saw him pissed. Had it not been a foreign media, he would have laid down a barrage of galis :rofl:
  19. bd_4_ever

    Bangladesh is the third-largest exporter of bicycles to the EU

    I am yet to see any Bangladeshi bicycles at least in Switzerland. Well I gotta admit though, I did not go around looking for it. May be its there. :whistle:
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