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    Zardari sees Bangladesh as underdeveloped country compared to Pakistan

    Zardari Baba, you are so unfamous for stealing govt money left and right. No wonder, Pakistan is now in economic turmoil. Your stay in power was a time when Pakistan lost its opportunity to develop. However, instead of self-development of the economy, you pursued a policy to Borrow. spend...
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    Zardari sees Bangladesh as underdeveloped country compared to Pakistan

    Pakistan needs not compare it with BD. Pakistan is on the verge of bankruptcy and zBD is following its example. These two countries were formed to make a few families in both sides rich with illegal hoarding of money.
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    The last US nail in Sheikh Hasina's coffin

    But, also note that the BAL govt has cancelled the Jamaat registration. Jamaat wants to restore it. Can Jamaat do it without outwardly embracing BAL?
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    Defending Democracy in Bangladesh One Visa at a Time

    ISIS is a terrorist organization that sells its brand of religion by taking advantage of many Muslims’ superstitious believes. But why do you indulge in spreading racist slur to demean Muslims from non-Arab countries! Have you ever been near ISIS activities? No one really endorses IISIS but...
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    Bangladesh won't lease out St Martin's Island (for me) to hold on to power: PM Hasina

    Raja Gayeswsr Roy of BNP told the audience that Hasina is too eager to lease St. Martin island to America if it allows another midnight voting without voters.
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    The last US nail in Sheikh Hasina's coffin

    How long Indian stooges will keep on talking Doom’s Day without an iota of shame? Please understand that the next GoB will not be that kind towards India and BD will not sell its river ways and ports for transporting Indian goods to its NE. This is what irking you but you are crying against...
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    Foreign debt soars to $95.71b

    One newspaper wrote that more foreign loans will be matured in the next two or three years, and the amount will top $110 billion. It also said the repayment will be about $5 billion per year in a few years when more loan money will be matured and has to be paid back with interest.
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    Myanmar objects, Naf tourism park work stopped

    Hasina Bibi claims India, China and many others support BD because she is the PM. But, she is helpless when Burma stopped the development of Naf Park. She appeases every country in the neighborhood and they do not care about BD. A strong foreign policy should be pursued and not the Hijra policy...
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    US says it would let India speak for its bilateral relations with Bangladesh

    The US spokesman John Kirby clearly said that whatever Modi says, the US would not deviate from its stand on BD’s election.He said it must be free, fair and transparent. Hasina Bibi is only trying to stage a win in the election by conducting thievery at the midnight. After all, she will be...
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    Bangladesh Coast Guard to get five ships.

    Why an aircraft carrier for BN? Which country do you want BD to attack in a far away place? It will bankrupt BD which is already at the verge of bankruptcy. China and India each has 2 aircraft carrier though Japan had 26 such ships in between the 1st and 2nd world wars. All these countries...
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    BRICS membership will expand Bangladesh's trade horizons, says Hasina

    Hasina expects the BRICS countries to endorse her winning the next term with another Deep Night vote-stuffing election. Hasina must be thinking these countries together under the BRICS banner are able to supersede American wish for true democracy in BD. Hasina gives one speech where she talks...
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    Bangladesh won't lease out St Martin's Island (for me) to hold on to power: PM Hasina

    Hasina is trying to take our look away by uttering St. Martin island being asked by America. Can she show us a document to prove her point? She is behaving like a spoiled child which she is. The Free World want democracy in BD and when they say it Hasina talks about St. Martin. But it will not...
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    The last US nail in Sheikh Hasina's coffin

    The main US goal is to stop China in the northern border of Burma. Every US initiative is to stop China from making an inroad to the BoB thru Burma. The US needs to establish a Listening Post in the east of the BoB to monitor both Chinese and eastern Indian navy movements. A Listening Post is...
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    The last US nail in Sheikh Hasina's coffin

    New generation should ask how Tareque maintains his status in London. As far as I know, this bloody snob does not hold a job, So, how he is supporting his family there? The monthly rent of his apartment is US$20,000. So, how he is supporting his family. When his mother was in power he earned...
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    Bangladesh application to join BRICS: China ready to welcome new members

    The BAL govt pretends to be over smart. It’s main goal is to join BRICS to get hold of a few billion dollars of Chinese money and steal a part of it that it wants to accomplish by selling the Sovereignty of BD. The money BD borrows must be repaid with its high interest. The private Chinese...
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    The last US nail in Sheikh Hasina's coffin

    I hope neither Khaleda nor her son becomes the PM. By the way, can you tell me what academic qualifications Tareque has and what administrative experience he gathered. He sells himself because of he is a son of Ziaur Rahman. Have you guys forgotten his Hawa Bhaban. Do you know he would invite...
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    The last US nail in Sheikh Hasina's coffin

    Yes, it is highly possible that the next election will be conducted under the UN supervision. It would be better and Hasina may seek UN shelter if defeated. The next govt may not be allowed to arrest and try her for conducting the Pilkhana carnage. 57 BA officers were killed by her protege in...
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    The last US nail in Sheikh Hasina's coffin

    I have read some news about this Hangman. But, I could not understand why was he in the jail? Why do you think Rohingya people should be included in your proposed BDC? They are not our people and not our citizens.
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    Don't know about additional US sanctions, says Bangladesh Foreign Minister Momen in response to report

    As far as I know the US Treasury Deptt has imposed sanctions already under the Magnitsky Act or what on RAB officials. Taking geopolitical advantage by China is the matter of concern for America. It does not want China to enter the BoB via Burma. America alone cannot accomplish it without BD...
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    Germany demands Bangladesh factory visit to validate bicycle origin

    I am not familiar with cycle parts. But, one issue may be for cycle chain that needs a certain tensile strength. I remember I used to ride a Ralley cycle that everyone liked. Everything was perfect. Then came the Phoenix cycles whose chains would elongate after a year of riding. Chains would...
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