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    Salt Mining

    It's a shame to hear that Pakistan's export earnings from pink salt are diminishing, but it's great to know that there are other sources of salt available in unexplored areas. I agree that it's important for Pakistan to take a holistic view of the commodity trade and develop a salt strategy...
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    Salt Mining

    thanks for sharing this interesting post about salt mining in Pakistan.
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    Bangladesh wants in on Asia's crowded casino market

    Thanks for sharing this interesting news about Bangladesh's plans to introduce legal casinos in its southeast and southwest regions to increase tourism.
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    Dating apps go big in small town India

    Hey everyone! I just stumbled upon this thread, and I find it really interesting how dating apps have become popular in small towns in India. It's amazing how technology can connect people from all over the world, isn't it? I can totally relate to the part about video calls being a first-date...
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    Bamboo airways launches Vietnam and US nonstop flights, first ever

    Are those flights still available? I want to visit my grandpa soon, and that would be nice to have a direct flight from Hanoi to San Francisco. Also, are there business class flights 40 %? I don’t like economy class seats with screaming children and smelly men. I would prefer to pay a little...
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    How To Make Money Through Graphic Designing? Ft. Areeb Tariq

    Really powerful mindset! I am a junior in high school and have always loved cars especially the design side of it, and I have also always loved to draw, but somehow never connected the two until recently. I have been taking engineering design classes in high school but I haven't exactly found a...
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    How loan money from India reaches China

    It was helpful to review. Although I work in finance and generally have quite a ways of communication with money, I had never really been interested in such a thing, but it was more useful than I thought it would be. One of the loans I took out with an Indian bank was one reason I was interested...
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    Travel Advice: Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    Great tips, thanks! I want to visit Dubai too, but I think it is overhyped now, and I would go there sometime later. My goal now is to visit Iran. I would like to go to Shiraz and Persepolis to explore some history. It would also be great to get to know the locals and mix with the crowd. I plan...
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