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    What Sets China's Type 15 Tank Apart From Other Modern Armored Vehicles

    To be a ' Tank killer ' you will need a 120mm gun. Very effective against IFV/APC though.
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    What Sets China's Type 15 Tank Apart From Other Modern Armored Vehicles

    If it carries a 105 mm gun then it's not a MBT. It is a light tank.
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    EU questions Pakistan’s record of human rights, restrictions on media

    The EU? You mean the organization that supports the Israeli genocide in Gaza? I think this is a topic that they shouldn't comment on till eternity.
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    Arab Countries Not Admitting Gazan Refugees

    No. Encourage Israeli ethnic cleansing? Palestinians stay in Palestine. It's in the name.
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    Haileybury Bhaluka – a unique educational experience.

    Where would they be without English? Ask the Japanese, the Koreans or the Chinese. Technologically backwards and starving?
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    Haileybury Bhaluka – a unique educational experience.

    Another ' brown slaves taught to worship English' school. I thought that Bangladesh had grown out of that.
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    Pakistani American Anila Ali addresses Zionist rally in USA

    The price of progress in US politics. Thirty pieces of silver.
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    Turkish Minister of National Defense Yaşar Güler: We are considering purchasing 40 Eurofighter Typhoons

    Is this a temporary plug until Turkey produces its own 5th gen fighter?
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    Global demonstration in response to the Israel-Palestine conflict

    Saturdary 11. nov march in London Saturday 4. nov demonstration in London
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    Reasons to love Afghans

    I'm waiting....:sleep:
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    Gaza: the betrayal of the Muslim Rulers. Which Muslim country is the worst traitor?

    UAE. Sending military aid to Israel Bahrain. Main base of US navy and great friend of Israel. Saudi Arabia. Spent thirty years looking for a peaceful solution and refused to arm the Palestinians. Jordan. Eloquent criticism of Israel, and then, like Saudi Arabia, shoots down cruise missiles on...
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    US E-2 crash, 5 serviceman killed.

    If it's a five man crew, then it's plausible.
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    When two lonely Indians try to ban rallies in UK and London Police explain them democracy in UK

    Suella is married to a 'proud Zionist' and has family members in the IDF.
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    8 US aircraft carriers are underway

    Netanyahu stated specifically that there will be a long war. Gen. Brown (US) described the defeat of Hamas by Israel as '..a tall order.' In other words it will take a long time, if at all.
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    8 US aircraft carriers are underway

    Yes. Virtually surrender without firing a shot. The only caveat is that the Israelis are so buoyant with both US and Nato support that they might go for broke. War with Iran and Lebanon, and the ethnic cleansing of both Gaza and the West Bank. Popular opposition in the Arab world will be so...
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    8 US aircraft carriers are underway

    The Iranians made a comment that they don't rule out a pre-emptive strike ( by Iran). Unlike the Iraqis they will not sit and watch a buildup meant for them.
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    8 US aircraft carriers are underway

    I have seen many commentators say that the US military buildup is so huge that it cannot be purely for a deterrence. That they envisage a major conflict.
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    Hypothetical Scenario: Pakistan threatens Israel

    Economic embargo by the US. All exports to the US stopped, massive loss to the textile industry and unemployment. The economy is barely functioning as it is.
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    Bangladeshi-owned UK restaurants also losing license over undocumented workers

    The UK got strict a very long time ago. I have to show my passport for any new agency I work for, and there are large fines for any company employing illegal workers.
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