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  1. Pandora

    Farm House of Azam Swati is being Partially Demolished in Islamabad

    Faces change deeds remain the same. All those who thought anything will change with bajwa gone clearly dont understand root of this problem. For Establishment Pakistani populace are nothing but maggots. Rome was burning whilst Nero was playing his flute. This clearly defines situation of...
  2. Pandora

    I Dislike Generals more than all our enemies combined

    Wo kehtay hain na jo Thapar Baad mein yaad aye usko apnay munh pay marna chahiye. 80% of people here supported these Generals when they were destroying this country inside out. Now that nothing is left every new born revolutionary should take this hate and shove it up where sun doesnt shine...
  3. Pandora

    BYD Continues to Outpaces Tesla !!

    Telsa still dominates world EV market in general. If BYD EV sales in china are set aside its export market hasn't been able to over take Tesla. There is simply no presence of BYD in Australia and tesla is seen more and more on the roads.
  4. Pandora

    Afghan children crossing Torkham border under moving trucks

    Every dollar that is stolen bcz of smuggling is a burden on Pakistan people in turn our children as well. You can afford such luxuries when you pockets are full but right now our country is nearing bankruptcy bcz of chronic smuggling. Billions of dollars worth of items are being smuggled into...
  5. Pandora

    Pakistan’s Energy Crisis will get WORSE in July

    Does it matter? Pehlay kaun sa bijli aa rae hai. Behtar hai banda solar pannel lagwa lay jo eik do pankhay chala lay easily. AC tu waisay bi out of reach ho gaya hai. It cringes my heart when my new born cant sleep bcz of searing heat and have to give baby a bath to get temperature down.
  6. Pandora

    Dr Aamir Liaquat Passed Away

    When someone has died it is general decency to not accuse and abuse them. No need to go through hadiths for something that should be common sense to every decent human being. His deeds are between him and Allah Almighty now just worry about your own ending.
  7. Pandora

    Crazy East Asian lady starts to hurl racist abuse and attack others.

    It is funny how asians who themselves are victims of racial abuse find it ok to abuse other groups.
  8. Pandora

    Police APC taken down in Kashmore, 4 Policemen including 2 SHOs held hostage by dacoits

    This was suppose to be their job. Even in an APC these useless turds of police cant do anything. But you can be sure they will hit unarmed women and children and climb walls in the middle of night like a bloody robber. They are hired guns used by waderas to keep kami kameen in check. They have...
  9. Pandora

    Iran poised to become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

    Alcohol is only sold to non Muslims who are given permit. Even then there are restrictions regarding consumption limit and no drinking in public. As for smuggled alcohol it all comes from Iran into Pakistan.
  10. Pandora

    Europe has to grow out of mindset that its problems are world's problems: Jaishankar

    Too bad India doesnt have a Bajwa punish India. Only Pakistan seems to have privilege of giving birth to western arse wipes.
  11. Pandora

    Revealed ! Why Imran Khan Called Off The Long March

    Meaning Establishment walay Khan ko phudu laga gaye. Janab baat yay hai kay protesters tu amnay samnay kharay thay ranger kay tu kisi na karwae kyn nae dali? Yay sab Khan kay march ko khatam karnay ka eik tareeka tha. March has lost all its momentum and PTI leadership knows it. Khan made a very...
  12. Pandora

    Imran admits PTI protesters ‘also had pistols’ during long march

    There has never been a complete ban on arms licenses. It is decided on case by case basis. Even durring PMLN tenure when they banned new licenses it was later revealed that they issued hundreds during the same period. Same was done by PPP and even during Musharraf era. Respective govts always...
  13. Pandora

    Will use KP's force -CM Mahmood Khan.

    We shouldnt hide behind political corrections against injustice. This is the second time punjab police was used against people who were attempting peaceful protest in Islamabad. I can bet you that third time it wont go as planned and KPK people will be well within their rights to beat living...
  14. Pandora

    Will use KP's force -CM Mahmood Khan.

    Then make them feel as a part of Pakistan not Punjabistan or establishmentistan. This is second time brute and inhumane force by punjab police was used on protestors from KPK. These very same blunders were committed against East Pakistan and we all know how that went down in history...
  15. Pandora

    Will use KP's force -CM Mahmood Khan.

    Those who dont learn from history become part of history itself. Our establishment has learnt nothing and their arrogance is astounding. People who are equating KPK with Baluchistan know nothing about KPK. The dynamics and social realties are totally different with lot of social cohesion amongst...
  16. Pandora

    Authorities seize chocolates from passenger at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi

    Last time i checked ban was on import of luxury items. Since when personal luggage of a person is classified as an import? Kind of reminds me of the time when customs officer tried to confiscate by iPhone saying i need to pay 40000 tax to him on airport. Had to pay those scums 20$ just to get my...
  17. Pandora

    Shireen Mazari claims was asked to appear at ISI headquarters over missing persons bill

    Our Military establishment managed to vanish half the country in 1971 so nothing is impossible here.
  18. Pandora

    Hamza says SC opinion on Article 63-A does not apply to his election as CM

    Expect the case to linger on until hell freezes over. Our courts are the biggest joke out there.
  19. Pandora

    Iran seized two Greek tankers in response of seizure of iranian tanker by USA + Greece.

    Pak top is ball less aka khasi bakray. There is not a single Pakistani general out there who will not sell his country on promise of money and settlement abroad for his family. There is not a single Army chief in recent history who didnt flee his country after the end of his term. That should...
  20. Pandora

    Flour price increased after petrol bomb

    This is just the first bump. Total increase will be around 100RS if they have to fulfill IMF requirements.
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