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  1. DoTell

    China backs Argentina’s Falklands claim, calls for end to ‘colonial thinking’

    The look of "free" Indians. Are those vote ballots under their axx? :lol:
  2. DoTell

    Xi Jinping’s window of opportunity against the US Navy is closing

    Since when has China had any window "open"? From Trump's trade war to Biden's chip war, which one wasn't closing some windows? :lol:
  3. DoTell

    Why overpopulation fears haven't come true

    We humans have never stopped scaring ourselves. Just in the most recent half a century, we have worried about cold war nuclear war apocalypse, oil crises, over population, spread of AIDS, alien invasions, doomsday astroids, the Y2K bug, and now global warming. Look, someone has to be worried...
  4. DoTell

    ‘An invisible killer’: Beijing cleaned up its toxic air. Why can’t New Delhi?

    The Indian air maybe dirty, but that's democratic air. The Indians rather choke and die in it "free" :azn:
  5. DoTell

    Dam collapse exemplifies India’s gross incompetence, sparks safety concerns about mega projects in Bhutan

    I'm sorry man. You have India, this large, incompetent azzhole as your neighbor.
  6. DoTell

    China's Air Power Grows Behind Disputed Border With India

    Yes, IAF's "surgical strika" ability is to be reckoned with. Plus PLA's defense will just sleepwalk waiting to be bombarded.
  7. DoTell

    China's C919 large passenger jet begins demonstration flights across Xinjiang

    Well we will steal it. Just "cut and paste" per the wisdom of the Indians. Or we will collapse;)
  8. DoTell

    As iPhone sales decline, Apple CEO Tim Cook makes a 'surprise' visit to China, Huawei to beat Apple in China in 2024

    Tim Cook maybe a master businessman, but China is a fcking master business country. We let you all talk sh!t, as long as you pay money to your masters. So, China steals, China copies, China poor quality, China phone national security threats, China prison camps, China collapses, India...
  9. DoTell

    Britain and Israel criticize Xinjiang for "violating human rights".

    Yeah, much like Indians preaching not to sh!t on streets, rape women and cows:azn:
  10. DoTell

    West wants to change china culturally but fails everytime

    If we are such good learners, then why the fvck are they still bitching about us not following them?
  11. DoTell

    Should China allow these "Tibetan exiles" to be back to Tibet?

    Haven't you got the memo? The new "suppressed people" are the Uyghurs now. The Tibetans are no more. They can come back to China, or stay in India drink "free" cow urine. Not a sh!t is given by anyone anymore:azn:
  12. DoTell

    West wants to change china culturally but fails everytime

    So what? It is just a symbol. Do yourself a favor, learn what the core part of Karl Marx's communism ideology is, then google around and see if China is really following that.
  13. DoTell

    West wants to change china culturally but fails everytime

    You think China still follows communism? That "stupid-ism" died long time ago in China since the Soviet Union collapsed. We follow our own system, which has beaten the western world in their own games, causing them to go hysterical:lol:
  14. DoTell

    China’s BYD poised to overtake Tesla as world’s biggest seller of electric vehicles

    A piece of advise in case you have suicidal thoughts: Try another way to kill yourself. Because death by hating is a very painful way to go:lol:
  15. DoTell

    India enjoys advantage of democracy over China as global trade juggernaut: Export official

    If you give the Indians a dollar for every “advantage “ they have over China they’ll all be millionaires :lol:
  16. DoTell

    "India will beat China in next 2-3 years along LAC in infrastructure": BRO chief Lt Gen Chaudhry

    The mighty Indians may have many weaknesses. But bragging isn’t one of them. Must be good to be an Indian. When you want something just open your mouth. Boom it’s there:lol:
  17. DoTell

    "Joke made in the UK" ~ A Chinese listening device was found in the teapot.

    Not to be undone, you sir provided no more evidence on teapot, just how stupid and disgusting you are:lol:
  18. DoTell

    💪 Apple’s iPhone 15 📱draws long queues 🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾 in China despite competition from Huawei

    Why are thick skinned dull headed Indians in every thread about China? Aren't you busy raping your cows in your lousy good for nothing country?:nana:
  19. DoTell

    Over 1,000 Myanmar workers entering China daily under new permit

    Who the fck cares you care or not?
  20. DoTell

    China’s home-grown planes touch down in Southeast Asia as West mulls approval

    Haven't you forgot "copy and steal", freedom and concentration camp? :nana:
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