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  1. General Dong

    Absolutely NOT to absolutely YES. Pakistan supplying weapons to Ukraine

    Question, where is the money going?
  2. General Dong

    First People Sickened By COVID-19 Were Chinese Scientists At Wuhan Institute Of Virology, Say US Government Sources

    I believe it was a bioweapon.. we live in a day and age where a virus can be created in lab and then released to target certain genomes. In this case, it was designed to be practiculary potent against Chinese genome.
  3. General Dong

    If Nawaz Sharif won’t invest his own money in Pakistan, why should foreigners?

    I told the same thing to my father the same thing the other day.. why should we overseas Pakistani invest in Pakistan when Generals and bastards like nawaz and Zardari choose to keep money aboard.
  4. General Dong

    Islamabad court issues non-bailable arrest warrants for Arshad Sharif’s widow, show producer

    I see a lot of comments asking Allah to punish them. Who may or may not exist. Why can't we the people punish them ourselves. This is what a self respecting quom does. Make examples out of them, make them flee out the country in panic.
  5. General Dong

    Mariam Aurangzeb speech ...enjoy

    Miss piggys face should be censored
  6. General Dong

    Kuta apnay malik ki wafadari kabhi nahi bholta

    They are worse then dogs, dogs are not only loyal but they are mans best friend. Army is full of pigs
  7. General Dong

    If the Generals knew the India role in regime change, could it be stopped, evoking some India centric Ghairat.

    Imagine the people of a country giving its army so much, basically full control of all internal and foreign affairs and a massive chunk of the budget..... all because we needed them to be strong enough to face an 8x bigger enemy and to liberate Kashmir. Then watch the army lose every war, engage...
  8. General Dong

    Future of Pakistan

    Its well know Pakistan economy is largely driven by remittances. But now that overseas Pakistani settled and living in Western countries have lost faith and they will shun Pakistan, remittances and investment from them will go down to non-existent levels. While Pakistanis in mid level countries...
  9. General Dong

    On March 24 1971 - Pakistan Army arrested Sheikh Mujeeb & humiliated him

    The dangerous duffers will not rest until Pakistan is broken into more pieces. Seriously who needs enemies like India when you have duffers.
  10. General Dong

    Departure of skilled professionals

    All your posts you bash politicians including IK, but you fail to mention the FA pass duffers, who have hijacked Pakistans since the 50s. It's almost as if you have an agenda to divert attention away from them.. I agree our politicians are scum, and even IK who while had the right intention...
  11. General Dong

    What plans did army chief share with businessmen?

    I would be surprised if these duffers even knew how to pray namaz. From what I hear, majority of generals are all whiskey drinking angrez wannabees
  12. General Dong

    Army Chief Believes No Political Party Is Sincere With Country, Says Businessman Motiwala

    Translation: "Now we will punish the old crooks we have been keeping as fronts while we did whatever we wanted behind the scenes, and then insert the newer crooks in "power", just one of the many political parties that have been incubated in GHQ. No wonder mota sharif is scared to come back...
  13. General Dong

    Departure of skilled professionals

    Eventually it will reach a boiling point, anybody's guess what will happen then.
  14. General Dong

    Departure of skilled professionals

    I once was a supporter of army and defended them many times against Indians and afghanis when they voiced their displeasure.. I even ignored when Balochi were being killed or picked up. I assumed the army was taking out foreign funded terrorists... Now I know. Now we all realize.. We all know...
  15. General Dong

    Departure of skilled professionals

    Pakistan is lost. I urge any of you that have the means to get out.
  16. General Dong

    Departure of skilled professionals

    Who needs competent people when you have fa pass duffers in charge
  17. General Dong

    Army to be called in GB

    I been thinking, with the growing Indian lobby in the US and now the very likelyhood of a Indian origin US President, quite possibly this next election Vivek can win. What do the duffers in Pakistan think about? They have failed in everything, but filling their own pockets. The US who the...
  18. General Dong

    Pakistani E-Sports Champion, Arslan Ash, wishes he doesn't have a Pakistani passport.

    Not sometimes..all the time. Pakistan has one of the worst passports in the world. It's completely understandable to feel the way he does. . Thanks to the dangerous duffers rule over last 75 years, Pakistan is a shithole of a country
  19. General Dong

    90 PKR per Unit in Electricity will be charge in September`s Bill

    What if the current crisis is just another tactic by the fa pass duffers..when their golden boy nawaz ganja returns, watch prices go down.
  20. General Dong

    Pakistan Army chief vows to wipe out corruption

    I think public hanging of COAS, Mir Bajwa, core commanders along with sharifs and Zardari.. majority of NA members and corrupt judges, corrupt media/lifafas only then Pakistan can finally break free of corruption. Until then corruption will always trickle down from the top to the bottom of our...
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