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    India's 'Solo' Host ICC Worldcup 2023 Fully exposed Postmortem Report | The Game marred with Politics, Mismanagement, No-visas, Tempered pitches, Bias

    Exactly... Sports should remain sports and there should be sportsmanship spirit at every level. Unfortunately, since last decade India has politicized sports.
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    Successful software update started on our brothers from central punjab as well

    When people say software updated, I must say that it is being corrupted. People are much more aware now. Those genius who are planning all this should know that this is doing the opposite. It is creating much more frustration and hate against the same very institution which was thought to be the...
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    BREAKING: PAF base Mianwali under attack, suicide bombers and heavy weapons in use

    You don't understand that. It's not about enemies but power hunger. When greed of more and more power becomes the purpose of life then the one who challenges becomes your enemy. The patriotism, faith and humanity are just left to people like u and me..
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    BREAKING: PAF base Mianwali under attack, suicide bombers and heavy weapons in use

    So the Indians even didn't have to cross the border.. Wow what an achievement by our ISI.. Oho I forgot, ISI was busy in software update which is more pressing. I don't know this episode is more painful or that so called Jinnah house.
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    BREAKING: PAF base Mianwali under attack, suicide bombers and heavy weapons in use

    Have they understood after 1971..no it's not gonna happen.. Until this nation wakes up.. They have absolute power and absolute power always corrupts..
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    Rupee gains continue as dollar dips below Rs280 in interbank

    But same is not translating on ground.. As there is no reduction of inflation in any sector.. Seems all artificial
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    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    Is it necessary to add song in the background, may be instruments would do fine..
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    Successful software update started on our brothers from central punjab as well

    Software updated... NAAH...it's more of Software being corrupted....😁😁
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    Gen Munir meets Erdoğan

    So all in one meets the President of Turkey
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    Two military posts in Bajaur, KPK, on Pakistan-Afghanistan border have been hit in an attack by Taliban border militia

    Have you ever heard, a general has been killed in border post attack..???
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    Imran Khan isn’t a martyr for freedom. He’s a friend of the West’s worst enemies

    In power politics things have been the same but the questions is who is is right
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    Six soldiers martyred in gun battle with terrorists in South Waziristan: ISPR

    I wish higher command would have been more focused on their actual job but alsa...
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    CECILIA STRZYZOWSKI UNIÓN POR LA PATRIA MARTÍN GUZMÁN IMMIGRATION TO ARGENTINA ARGENTINA ECONOMY LATIN AMERICA WORLD CULTURE SPORTS OPINION ARGENTINA | 26-07-2023 18:08 The US steps up pressure on Argentina to choose Danish F-16s over Chinese or Indian fighter jets The Capitol is close to...
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    General Faisal Naseer is a dirty harry , He has Lisence to Kill : Imran khan

    SO far he has killed nothing but his own people.. So cut this crap Soldiers are geting killed. In last month or so 50 plus casualties have been reported. Wow what a hero he is.. He is more into power politics than into his real job.. Allah knows best and he is will ask them what they all are...
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    For that actually u Have to understand world politics where there are no permanent friends nor permanent enemies only permanent interests. One of the reasons for purchase of J 10 was that China was not willing to provide Pl 15 E for JF 17 until PAF purchases J10.
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    4 soldiers martyred 5 critically injured, 3 Ts killed in Zhob Cantonment attack.

    Why Pakistanis are worried.. It's a non issue to Army's leadership. They have more pressing issues at hand.. They were expandables so more will come.
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    Song for Asim Munir released by Company

    U need to visit some good mental hospital at earliets. This much of hate will consume you. As you have included all Pakistanis in your post so hopefully you have started from your home..
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    Song for Asim Munir released by Company

    What the hell.. Is this actually been officially released.. If so then both Foj aur Pakistan ka ALLAH hi Hafiz ha.. The one who is advising and then the one who is approving both are clowns of highest order..
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    IK represents Pustuns not Pakistan

    A pathetic Lunatic spotted..
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