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  1. Maea

    The Wardi wala with no Morals - Targeting women

    Well guys women were fighting for equal rights since ages. I guess now they get equal police brutality. its a win win. police b kush or women b
  2. Maea

    Weekly Inflation now hitting 41.5% in Pakistan

    IMHO noonies will brag about this as some thing good.
  3. Maea

    Ex President and Ex COAS General Pervez Musharraf Passes Away

    Inna lillahi wa inna elaihi rajioon
  4. Maea

    Alleged Video of IED Attack on Captain Fahad and other Soldiers Released by BLA

    Whats the point of posting this video? its not like its the first time, that we see such incompetence from high comnd.
  5. Maea

    SAPM Attaullah Tarar Gives a Stern Message to AJK PM Sardar Tanvir Ilyas

    Guys help needed. Who do i call if a monkey escapes the zoo? Asking for a friend.
  6. Maea

    Going strong

    Another generation of bhuttos and sindh will be pushed backed to stone age.
  7. Maea

    Being gay is 'damage in the mind', Qatar World Cup ambassador says

    Being gay is filth, it destroys societies. I know a classmate who in 2015 indentified himself as gay. Married a Nigerian man. Got himself a kid from china. After three years divorced, "abbadoned" the child with nigerian man. Two months after divorce married a woman from Brazil. Got twins from...
  8. Maea

    T20 World Cup 2022

    For me tournament is over. India is out Pakistan reached final by sheer luck. The real match was, IMO, Pak vs ind. , but sadly ind is out.
  9. Maea

    How Indian hackers for hire hacked Fawad Chaudhry‘a email

    Nice read. IMO most of the cyber security breaches in Pakistan are due to: - Nonchalance behaviour of the personnel involved, this will require a new generation to better understand this new realm. - Lack of proper cyber security wings, which are now being built. Things are improving...
  10. Maea

    Army Deploys APC in Lahore

    The so called instituition is the awaam. Instituion has always put the interests of awaam first. Individuals are at fault, not the intituition.
  11. Maea

    Army Deploys APC in Lahore

    That defies their purpose. Will you trust somebody who changes his mood based on current poitical sentiments? @Jinn Baba explained very well how these things work. There should be a clear separation by anyone criticizing between individuals and institutions.
  12. Maea

    Army Deploys APC in Lahore

    I get the feeling that some members here just want violence without any benefit. We all want a strong, prosperous and independent Pakistan. Im convinced that a peaceful solution can resolve our issues. No need to go full ballistic on jawans standing on the roads. That said, traitors and...
  13. Maea

    Imran Khan - Braveheart of Pakistan

    It was same during pti's tenure. Where were u back then? Oh now I remember, u were busy trolling pdm and singing pti songs describing milk and honey rivers created by Ik.
  14. Maea

    Azam swati and his wife's bedroom videos they sent to their daughter and wife. This is low...ahh

    This man has been making allegations since he was "arrested", every two day he comes, make new allegations. I think who picked him up di a piss poor job at "silencing" him. Remember when PMLN and PPP leadership was being picked up during early mushy era, nobody came out, thats how a job is...
  15. Maea

    Imran Khan - Braveheart of Pakistan

    You know its a proven fact that people like to think that they are oppresed. It gives them a purpose to fight for something in their boring lives.
  16. Maea

    Pakistani Roads, Motorways and Highways

    Do you ave any idea when this will be built?
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