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    jamahir's video

    What happened to Jamahir's hair?
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    Breaking: B-21 Bomber takes flight

    What I see here in this thread is nations that can hardly develop a capable 4th Generation or a 5th Gen of their own are discussing why a Stealth bombers is not needed, as if all those smart people at LM and Boeing are just lunatics. Sometimes these keyboard scientists are just too much.
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    hassan nisar comes out in support of IPP

    Become a Youtube BABA.
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    At least 14 soldiers martyred in Gwadar ambush

    Perhaps you have some comprehension issues. No wonder after only doing FA, it is expected.
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    PDF Pajeet poll : how many phull sapport Ijrael ?

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    PPP open to electoral alliance with PTI against PML-N

    They all should work for Civilian Supremacy.
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    Husain Haqqani Lobbies for Nawaz Sharif's 'Hope' to India.

    But just look at how ugly this "high priced" whore is. lol
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    Rare public joy sweeps Kabul after World Cup win over Pakistan

    Bayghairat Babar and his parchi friends need to be thrown out of the team. Yes, babar is good player but against weaker teams. Comparing him to Great Kholi is a matter of utter disrespect to Kholi. That Parchi Imam, that ugly Hassan Ali they all need to be sent packing with the likes to Zamam...
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    Nawaz Sharif says ‘no wish to take revenge’, seeks support of all ‘constitutional institutions’

    SHER ZINDABAD Pakistani Deserve this Sher along with other Thieves.
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    I call on the world to boycott Western products! Support Palestine!

    Never knew that side of the story.
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    Netanyahu is drawing the US into war with Iran

    Who is this Ch***ya Muneeb?
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    Pakistan condemns Indian CM's 'highly irresponsible' remarks on reclaiming Sindh

    Don't worry our cucks will shove it under and rug and will keep oppressing average Pakistanis.
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    Israel will commit a massacre in Gaza

    @MilSpec is cuter than this I can bet. :)
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    Pajeet from Manchester arrested for rape of an elderly man and women

    Very highly likely it could be @Skull and Bones as he checks all the boxes mentioned about the convict. :)
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    US Census Data on Percentage of Population with Four Year Bachelors Degrees

    If they have already taken H1B1 then they should provide other ethnicities also a chance at H1B1 :) rather then allowing one community to dominate.
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