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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Germany is a client state of USA..... No country that respects itself allows deployment of foreign military bases on its soil and Germany allows deployment of US troops on its territory for protection. Countries in a Rank of a Client State can have the right to build cars, but they don't have...
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    But Olaf Scholz recently said: "There is no doubt that Israel respects human rights, Israel is a democracy and Israel obeys to international law and there can't be any doubt about that" BTW Anyone can personally meet Olaf Scholz during the annual "Day Of The Open Doors in The Chancellery in...
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Now you understand that Hitler was right.
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    If Iran attacks Israel, it would be absolutely irrational and counterproductive for US to start war with Iran. Beyond military challenges, here are some of the economic and political consequences of the US-Iran war after Iran closes the Straight of Hormuz (20% of the world’s oil) and Straight...
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Lets analyze potential US-Iran war. What US conventional military can do to Iran? US NAVY: If US Navy stays in the Persian Gulf, with high probability, their ships will experience the fate of Russian cruiser Moskva. In the event of war, US Navy will have to leave the Persian Gulf and operate...
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    Trump comments on Iranians retaliation

    Iran telling to Iraqis that they will launch missiles on their territory is absolutely normal, because Iraq is a sovereign state and Iran had to warn them that they will have their territory under Iranian missile attack. It was Iraqis who warned Americans and not Iran. Trump is a liar and what...
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Big deal. Here is her video prior to being captured by Hamas... From 0:39
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Why Iran gave a green light for such operation? It seems like it has to do with upcoming normalisation between Saudi Arabia and other Arabs and Israel.....Erdogan also has recently met with Netanyahu.... What do you think?
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    Iranian UAVs | News and Discussions

    if it is 750 hp, than it is more more powerful than 2 engines of TAI Aksungur (440 hp) and TAI Anka (170 hp) and comparable to AI-450T turboprop of Bayraktar Akinci (750hp) Shahed 149 GAZA: Length: 10 meters Wingspan: 21 meters Maximum takeoff weight: 3200 kilograms Maximum fuel & payload...
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    Iranian Drones vs Turkish Drones: Comparing Technology And Efficiency

    Regarding Safavids being Turks...... 1) Obama was Kenyan, so would you say that USA was a Kenyan Empire? 2) Stalin was Georgian, so would you say that USSR was a Georgian Empire and not Russian? 3) Catherine the Great, empress of Russia was German, so would you say that Russian Empire was a...
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    Iranian Drones vs Turkish Drones: Comparing Technology And Efficiency

    And then you add ballistic missiles... 1) Turkish Tayfun ballistic missile (500km) vs Iranian Raad-500 ballistic missile (500km) 2) Turkish CENK ballistic missile (1000km) vs Iranian Khaybarshekan ballistic missile (1450km) And then there are Iranian missiles Turkey doesn't have: 1) Fattah...
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    Iranian Drones vs Turkish Drones: Comparing Technology And Efficiency

    Visual comparison between Turkish weapons (on top of the photo) and Iranian weapons (in the bottom of the photo) 1) Turkish Altay tank vs Iranian Karrar tank 2) Turkish T-155 Firtina howitzer vs Iranian Hoveyzeh howitzer 3) Turkish Cobra II armored car vs Iranian Rouintan armored car 4)...
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    Iranian Drones vs Turkish Drones: Comparing Technology And Efficiency

    When making comparison between Iranian drones and Turkish drones, one must take into account the example of comparison between Nazi Germany's tanks and Soviet tanks during WWII. Nazi Germany's tanks like Tiger and Panther, when comparing one-on-one, were superior and more advanced than Soviet...
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    The Africa You Don’t See On TV

    Dar es Salaam- Tanzania Addis Ababa- Ethiopia Luanda- Angola Nairobi- Kenya Accra- Ghana Lagos- Nigeria
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    Turkish minister of foreign affairs warns Iran.

    If Azerbaijan attacks Armenia, Iran will declare war on Azerbaijan and Turkey will declare war on Iran. This will be a disaster for the Middle East and the Caucasus similar to disasters of WWI and WWII in Europe. It is like if history doesnt teach you anything. There were tens of useless...
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    Breaking: Evgeny Prigozhin dead after plane shot down by Russian military

    Prigozhin insulted a Mafia Kingpin - there is no forgiveness for such things. General "Armageddon" Surovikin who was dumb enough to side with Prigozhin is NEXT....expect announcements of his death in the near future.
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    Iranian Space program

    I agree that the future is in Space.....Eventually, with introduction of large reusable SLVs that can put 150 tons of payload into orbit there are serious possibilities that superpowers will deploy military assets in space by the middle of this century...think of "Rods from God" project for...
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    Iranian Space program

    Simorgh was not a failure. Iran just didn't have a test stand to test engines in vacuum, so they launched Simorgh into space to check how engines work in vacuum and if they fail, correct the next version of Simorgh based on telemetry data. So they made vacuum tests of engines in real space...
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    Hezbollah unveils new Anti-Tank-Guided-Missile

    I will tell you how this will play out. Israel will make airstrikes and artillery strikes at Hezbollah's positions in southern Lebanon, but these sorties and strikes will be ineffective because of Hezbollah's positions in hardened tunnels and bunkers in the mountains and employment of...
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