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    Ye banda cheekhta kyun hai

    Kisi din iski sharyan phat jani hai jitna ye cheekhta hai can't complete one sentence without mumbling and foaming in the end smh he should be banned by PEMRA after the disinformation he spread about Polio campaign by inviting american conspiracy theorist nuts just to add weight to his conspiracies
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    Neelum munir seriously? Thakki hui actress hai bs rang gora hai baaqi farigh hai kasme Sara Khan/Noor Khan, Maya Ali are 1000x better ye awam ni sudhr skti Achaaaa te dasna si na jinne gore naal weah kitta si :omghaha::lol: abhi to mein baaki ni btayi acha wese Shreya bhi ni?:D Django's fav...
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    Bollywood mein Anushka aur Pakistani drama's mein Iqra Aziz in dono ke khilaf kuch ni sunna mein esp latter ke khilaf :D Wrna mein fatwa dedena IRA criticize supreme leader hence he's anti state :D Shreya goshal? Sunidhi? Ya koi movie waghera is hi bata de is mysterious khatoon ki :P Kon...
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    :confused::confused: Shraddha ah yes as @django used to say a fine lass (not for her but generally) :lol: Hn wo bhool gya zyada zoor dena hai is "hay" pe :lol:
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    Unfair Warning Complaint Against Arsalan the mod

    Finance minister Pakistan don't deserve but FM Pakistan need...
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    aho wohi virat kohli ki biwi aur hont ni bigara she's still pretty :/ Hn ye cheez never compromise on your crush :D meri wali sub to soni Mere Pakistanio... aaapne phatna ni
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    Unfair Warning Complaint Against Arsalan the mod

    Well i guess there's some glitch/bug in the forum than since a long time because when i used to report a few profiles it never worked may be that button is "broken" for some "accounts". :-) NP Here's hoping it will work for you. :tup:
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    Unfair Warning Complaint Against Arsalan the mod

    That seems like a defamatory comment/personal attack if you're not cool with it i hope you reported it and action was taken?
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    Ab konsa ap koi 60 saal ke hogye ho janaab dil jawan hona chaye bas ;) :P I know right :D although her acting is terrible but she's pretty but Anushka sharma will always have that spot for me from bollywood actresses :D hun te dowan de weah hogya kher Dhyan se bhai aewin koi tiger ya tigress...
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    Unfair Warning Complaint Against Arsalan the mod

    Although retired troll do post mainly off topic comments (which do result in derailment of threads) but most of the times he's harmless and do not get abusive even when he's being abused otoh i see that a lot abusive troll accounts or "chosen one's" are still active doing the same stuff and more...
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    Mjhe to jo ek baar pasand ajaye bs wohi 20-30 baar sun leta hn :D :azn::D:D:D bs ab kya kahoo aur :lol:
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    Pakistani Music

    Was addicted to this at one time hehe Btw kya hal chal hain
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    Video Gamers report in!

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    Life-size sculpture of Ranjit Singh to be unveiled at Lahore Fort

    Logged in after a few months saw this positive news than i read the comments sigh i can see things only got worse much much worse.
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    Hear the truth of India's surgical strike on Balakot from it's victim's mouth

    Hence proven f16 was shot down wah what a logic
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    Hear the truth of India's surgical strike on Balakot from it's victim's mouth

    Leave it bro it's not their fault it's their media and gov's fault look at the robotic way they're speaking "1 F16 shot down" is on repeat mode everywhere by them actually they're still in shock that Pakistan retaliated not only that but also shot down their jets. Their logic is if AMRAAM's...
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    Adnan Sami is ISI agent Can't get better than this

    Really hoped PID had done this it would've been just EPIC :omghaha::omghaha::omghaha:
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    BJP behind Pulwama attack, alleges former party member Avi Dandiya

    If i am not wrong one of the guy sounds like their interior minister Rajnath but the girls voice kinda gives it away ni? I wonder what is the opinion of Non BJP supporters on this.
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    Danish frigate gets underway for deployment with French aircraft carrier

    The way everything's parked mmm so freaking PERFECT! Can help in calming someone's my ocd :lol::enjoy: :smitten::smitten:
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    Pakistan slaps India - Ummah slaps Pakistan

    We would've lost nothing in exposing and embarrassing the "guest of honor" on her face by explaining the hypocrisy and terrorism of her state in OIC this is a missed opportunity i understand Pakistanis are hurt and emotional that no Muslim country except Turkey stood with us but we also have to...
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