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  1. lastofthepatriots

    Indian Army Suffers Heavy Casualties in Kalakote Area of Rajouri

    Ouch. Oppress people and see the results.
  2. lastofthepatriots

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Japanese-Venezuelan mix. Very strange.
  3. lastofthepatriots

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    What the Fock is this?
  4. lastofthepatriots

    hatehs is afraid of hindus !

    Bhartis are either the least self aware people on earth or suffer from unrivaled grandiose delusions.
  5. lastofthepatriots

    It's time to admit Chinese culture is superior to Indian culture

    Any culture that does not know how to wash their azz is inferior to me. I think the Mughals taught the bhartoids, but not sure.
  6. lastofthepatriots

    Osama bin Laden getting newfound support in America

    Where is the proof of Abbotabad? From the time the Americans claimed to kill him and the time it took for them to claim that they buried him at sea, it would have only been possible if his corpse was tied to an f-16… :lol:
  7. lastofthepatriots

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    How long did the Zionists really think they could pull the wool over people’s eyes. They’ve been badly exposed.
  8. lastofthepatriots

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    There’s even worse people than her. I don’t know whose aunty this is, but they need to get this bitch to a mental hospital…
  9. lastofthepatriots

    This year's Game Awards nominees

    Ff16 had more plot twists than GoT. Good story.
  10. lastofthepatriots

    Afghani Immigrant Kills His Pakistani Wife for Refusing to Go to Afghanistan with Him

    So a domestic violence case illustrates what exactly?
  11. lastofthepatriots

    Is it true, the highest ratio of officers down during ongoing operations in Pak army

    :lol: Compare the number of suicide bombings occurring in every corner of Pakistan during American occupation of Afghanistan versus now. It’s not rocket science what they were doing. You should count your lucky stars that they left.
  12. lastofthepatriots

    Fool Shapport Overload: Major Gaurav Arya DEMANDS Modi-ji send $5 billion to Ijrael

    The love is real when starving Indians will send their money to their Israeli brothers and sisters. It will be remembered for centuries… Not. :lol:
  13. lastofthepatriots

    Canadian cities BAN fireworks after complaints of Bharatis abusing them during annual Hindu religious festival

    Puddi dya, showk’aa fireworks da te teri bund vich Muslim fireworks vaar dawan ge, bakwaas kari jandan… etay ki avda pyo labaan aya gandi posri dya?
  14. lastofthepatriots

    Why is India so dirty?

    OP article author is an Indian unless Pakistanis are serving in the Indian Navy… :wave: Hilarious that your default defence mechanism is ‘Pakistan’. It just proves that we are your daddy.
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