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  1. Respect4Respect01

    Farrukh Habib software update, join IPP

    iska matlab sheron ka leader geedar hai jis ne london jana pasand kiya :rofl:
  2. Respect4Respect01

    A short Punjabi Gazhal about Pakistan's Situation

    Beautiful, but its sad to see people have lost interest in poetry. I am sharing this ghazal i wrote for Pak Army.
  3. Respect4Respect01

    Imran’s concern regarding lack of privacy in Attock Jail toilet ‘genuine’: judge

    Anything is expected from them after what they did to Arshad Sharif.
  4. Respect4Respect01

    Urdu & Hindi Poetry

    I wrote this for Pak Army.
  5. Respect4Respect01

    Zardari begs businessmen not to leave the country

    That is what i used to think too. But in reality FBR officials always demand bribes instead of taxes. If you have to pay 1 lakh in taxes its easier to pay 40k bribe and you are free to go......on the other hand if you want to legally pay taxes they will humiliate you and cause problems...
  6. Respect4Respect01

    Mainstream Pakistani Journalism is dead, but Social Media Journalism is becoming the norm

    Dr.Moeed Pirzada too I watched some of his videos and he claimed bajwa was the reason he had to leave the country.
  7. Respect4Respect01

    Opinionated - Will Putin be hanged like Saddam or commit suicide like Hitler?

    That only happens in Pakistan, rest of the world is not beghairat like bajwa nawaz and zardari
  8. Respect4Respect01

    Pervez Khattak 'likely to be made' secretary general of Tareen's new party

    They are being forced to join new branch of PMLN
  9. Respect4Respect01

    Pakistan is under martial law.

    How long would u last if your wife, sister or daughter was used to blackmail you...
  10. Respect4Respect01

    Fawad Choudhry Quits PTI ..and Asad Umar Follows !

    Allah S.W.T is mulk ki hifazat kary. Ameen.
  11. Respect4Respect01

    The quiet Pakistan general waging war against Imran Khan

    He should wage war against his own stupidity and incompetence
  12. Respect4Respect01

    Overseas Pakistanis Can Now Be Arrested For ‘Anti State’ Social Media Remarks

    Also arrest Overseas Pakistanis who send $$$ to Pakistan you hypocrites
  13. Respect4Respect01

    'Establishment' of 3 military courts on the cards to prosecute May 9 arsonists

    Akhir adalat to Allah S.W.T ki hai na, wahan kya hoga muneeru ka?
  14. Respect4Respect01

    Fully support the Pakistan Military in all things!

    Oh no, what are we going to do now 🤣
  15. Respect4Respect01

    Bajwa was 100% right about the army's combat readiness

    Bechare aam faujiyon ko frontline pe b proper equipment nahi mila aur GHQ walon ko apny gharon men b dar lagta hai
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