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    Iranian Chill Thread

    In Türkiye, Iranian watermelons are sold for cheaper than Turkish watermelons produced within the country. I've never understood Iranian agricultural policies. How is that even possible? You basically exported your water resources for the sake of few lousy Dollars even though it is your most...
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    Why do Bangladeshis loath India?

    Wrong question. Why do Indians hate BD so much? Simple answer: BD is much more successful than India. Jealousy is ugly, so are Hindutva fascists.
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    Turkiye is negotiating with Venezuela for a Naval base.

    This is fake news. That particular Twitter handle is well-known for spreading lies. Do not quote this account.
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    UAE ambassador pens heartfelt letter on Pakistan

    Thanks for the letter. Hopefully it'll be followed by actions. How about not investing billions of $$$ in Gangaistan?
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    Turkish Minister of National Defense Yaşar Güler: We are considering purchasing 40 Eurofighter Typhoons

    You are stupid if you believe that Germany won't put in a veto.
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    42% Of New Cars In Netherlands Now Plugin Cars!

    It's a small country. Why not buy an EV? However, the situation in neighbouring Germany is different. https://insideevs.com/news/687160/germany-electric-car-sales-august2023/ The Chinese are coming!
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    The destruction of Persian Library in Ctesiphon by Arab Forces

    What is it with Middle Eastern people and their unhealthy obsession with history?! Do you know how many precious libraries Westerners and others have destroyed throughout history in Europe itself? Did that stop them from colonising your homelands? Stop this manic mindset and focus yourselves...
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    Turkish Armed Forces vs Israeli Defence Forces

    I haven't read the last pages but if you want the impartial opinion of a Turkish guy, here you go: • due to Western backing, the IDF always had the upper hand when it came to propaganda which led to an unrealistic and unreliable image of Israel's capabilities and capacities • if we exclude the...
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    Turkey's main opposition party elects new president

    Don't get me wrong. I'd never vote for SP but I can't deny the fact that any comparison between them and FETÖ is inherently skewed. Saadet Partisi or Millî Görüş are totally transparent and open about their political beliefs and goals. They reject the Kemalist revolution and the secular...
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    Turkey's main opposition party elects new president

    You believe that Saadet Partisi would destroy the Turkish state? What do you mean by that? Like actually destroying state institutions, organs and bureaucracy? Yiğidi öldür hakkını yeme boşuna dememişler. Turkish İslamists don't fight for the destruction of the state unlike Arab İslamists...
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    Turkey's main opposition party elects new president

    Damned be those who made us miss Baykal. lol
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    Turkey's main opposition party elects new president

    Mark my words and cite me when its happening: This idiot (Özel) will push IYI Party right in the arms of AKP. Erdoğan will happily ditch Saadet, Hüda-Par and all the other minority parties which are helping him securing his power right now in order to present himself as an 'national...
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    Turkey's main opposition party elects new president

    Sorry, back to square one. Same sh*t.
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    Turkey's main opposition party elects new president

    Eski AKP Milletvekili Şamil Tayyar: (Özgür Özel'in genel başkan olmasını yorumladı) "Özel ve ekibi, bu güçlü desteği CHP ve Türkiye adına büyük bir sinerjiye dönüştürebilir mi göreceğiz ama partideki motivasyonun arttığı ortada. Bu değişim genel siyaseti de etkileyecek, yeni siyasi...
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    Akinci & Aksungur and Turkish Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program

    Selling them weapons is one thing, getting involved in their business is another. Why are you guys so hell-bent on fighting other people's battles?
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    Akinci & Aksungur and Turkish Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program

    Which Arabs? All of them are in cahoots with the Americans. Even the Palestinians will sell us to the highest bidder if the money is right. I am very saddened by the current situation but I won't bet my life for a bunch of Arabs.
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    Over 240,000+ Afghan refugees deported from Turkey (as well as Iran and Pakistan)

    Not only that, the government is deporting more refugees than ever before but the data is not released as frequently as it used to be due to fear of international backlash. In fact, the number of Syrian refugees has been declining for the first time since the start of the Syrian war. For the...
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    Why don’t Iranic people get along the same way Turkic people do?

    There's a myriad of problems among the Turkic states of Central Asia. Just because you aren't aware of these issues doesn't mean they don't exist. The time of irredentism is over, in fact, it never really arrived in the first place. Slaves hate each other. Germanic Netherlands have nothing in...
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    How Pakistan’s Taliban Bet Backfired

    There's a more pressing question: Why couldn't Pakistan form an alliance with the now overthrown government of Afghanistan during the time of occupation?
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    How China is driving the shift to electric vehicles , Germany is losing the EV race

    We're talking about EVs. Chinese cars are not performing worse than German EVs.
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