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    Pakistan officially applies for BRICS in 2024

    Photoshoot alone is quite important, what is all the media doing, photoshoot with a paragraph of nonsense?
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    How will we know that India is about to attack

    Full-scale attack is unlikely because of nukes. Limited-scale attack on Kashmar if India can gain some without much consequence, why not? There are recent reports that China is digging up underground facilities in Aksai Chin in case of a surprise attack.
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    It's time to admit Chinese culture is superior to Indian culture

    In ancient times medals were expensive, not affordable by commoners. Bamboo is a great gift, grows a lot faster than wood. Easily made into Chopsticks. Most regions have no bamboo, but South Asia has.
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    Turkish Minister of National Defense Yaşar Güler: We are considering purchasing 40 Eurofighter Typhoons

    UAE gives up F35 for Huawei. Turkey is not meant to get F35, it is a good thing, and there is no easy path to strategic autonomy. was skimming through that book from former Starfor geo strategist-grifter Peter Zeihan. In that, Japan and Turkey are the two bosses who defeat other non-West...
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    Osama bin Laden getting newfound support in America

    Bravo, it is spreading on TikTok, I thought Laden did it for the Iraq war and the U.S. stationed in Saudi. Turns out it is about Zionists. But Israel was aware of Laden's 911 plan, right? There were "dancing Israelis" on-site. And an alarm was broadcast on a Jewish messaging platform the day...
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    It was actually a quite difficult balance. Give enough support to Vietnam so it won't be a West puppet state with US fleet park in Cam Ranh Bay. After US fled, Vietnam would have inevitably tilted to the Soviet (same as North Korea), and the new regime with boasted confidence, ambitions aimed at...
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    Why is India so dirty?

    India was among the most conquered nations, deep in history, by different races. Caste system and religion to justify this rule by different races. On the contrary, Japan was the least conquered because of geography. Japan has relatively good hygiene while still a poor country. China was also...
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    Dear Jewish friend. Do you know what 'shame' is?

    Jews have made America hence the West an occupied government, keep up the schizo work on inevitably ruining your latest host nation. The majority of youth already hate you in the West, Parasitical rats are about to have nowhere to run.
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    MOSCOW, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Russia has temporarily banned exports of gasoline and diesel to all countries outside a circle of four ex-Soviet states with immediate effect in order to stabilise the domestic market, the government said on Thursday.
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    and Tibet still 90%+ Tibetian speak Tibetian. All four Anglo colony states had indigenous people genocided, the same process as Israel is doing now.
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    NYT: China Antisemitism Surges Online

    I saw some Jewish discussions, TikTok is considered their biggest threat. It is just Palestine reviving global south countries their colony memory, similar events happened before in every nation.
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    Israeli UN representative talks down to Russia & China in condescending manner during Vote. They respond.

    Israel is digging a hole for himself and dragging their shabby goyim along with it. China's UN speaker has an impeccable answer.
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    Man who destroyed Ottoman Empire and brought this Misery on palestinians

    It was Young Turks nationalism drummed up from London, per usual.
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    US Senate Minority Leader McConnell: China, Russia, Iran new 'axis of evil' . China has the capability to challenge 'rules-based order'

    Meanwhile, Newsom, likely the RNC candidate, is talking with Xi in a very different tone. How to make of it?
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    They Said: "Your Organs Will Be Harvested In China"

    Free North Irish people, used to hear about them putting up a bomb somewhere.
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    Russian Aerospace Giant UAC Offers Uber-Sophisticated MiG-35 At Aero India 2023

    That is the same sort of electronic technology used in 5G, China has already taken the lead. Compare the radar and antenna system of 052d 055 to the latest US ships, you can see visually which side is more advanced.
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    IAF Su-30MKI to get the indigenous Virupaaksha AESA radar named after Bhagwan Mahadev

    read somewhere Israel writes software for this India AESA.
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    Breaking: US Navy destroyer intercepts multiple missiles off the coast of Yemen

    assume fake news, if Houthis have missiles of such range, it is very precious, meant to be used wisely, not like this.
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