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    M109-52 SPH

    Tracked platforms still have certain advantages

    ISPR Cringe Unprofessional Press Release No PR-144/2023-ISPR

    True but its important to sound professional in press releases or the entire institution comes off as a joke

    India cranking up artillery firepower with more howitzers, rockets and missiles

    Not really, towed artillery can be airlifted and be deployed into unreachable or hard to get areas. Also easier to train on, purchase and maintain, produce etc.

    Pakistan gets its first-ever Miss Universe contestant

    Sounds like a problem for the people offended by it tbh

    Army expresses ‘serious concerns over TTP’s safe haven in Afghanistan’

    Radicals supporting radicals....such a big surprise. Its clear IEA wont comply lol, words dont mean much

    Canadian teacher tells Muslim kids who skip LGBTQ Pride events, "You aren't Canadian" and "You don't belong here".

    Who gets to define what being a Canadian is lol. So would i not be a Pakistani if i have a differing opinion. That sounds very stupid and backwards.

    Viagra ban in Pakistan sparks demand for lizard oil that makes men ‘strong like steel’

    Thats interesting. Yeah Pakistan isnt really a place where anything except violence thrives

    Viagra ban in Pakistan sparks demand for lizard oil that makes men ‘strong like steel’

    Because sex bad!!!! This is what happens when you live under a nanny (authoritarian) state managing every aspect of your life

    Why are majority of Pakistanis so loud and noise makers

    Those who dont think usually bark the loudest...i dont think the modern generation will even change this country much. Too busy watching mujra's on youtube
  10. CLUMSY

    Gun violence in USA has increased - BBC - Another Fault of American society

    The right to own firearms is a natural right, even Islam promotes mastery at weapons for the sake of self defence, hunting and sport. These rights arent outdated, theyve always existed and can never be outdated.
  11. CLUMSY

    Rise of Communist Party in Pakistan and Pak Army

    Communists should stop comparing capitalist societies with whatever commie utopia they cook up in their mind and start using actual examples
  12. CLUMSY

    How many Citizen of Pakistan own registered firearms ?

    Problem with registered firearms is the government can confiscate them. Our government might not be that competent but still
  13. CLUMSY

    Insane Video of Corp Commander Lahore Pleading with protesters

    He had every right to kick their asses but didnt, respect
  14. CLUMSY

    Afghan Taliban won the Afghanistan war - Revisited

    Muh mullahs and west oppressing communist baradarz
  15. CLUMSY

    Islam's Golden Age I Abbasid Caliphate

    Whats wrong with putting a price on electricity?
  16. CLUMSY

    Faults of American society - Indian Engineer murdered in USA Mall shooting

    But bikinis = kufr ka fasaad bro!!!!!!
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