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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    More and more israeli soldiers refuse to serve, Israeli government is enacting strict new laws against those deserters.

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Infographic | Losses of the Israeli occupation army on the Lebanese-Palestinian border during 46 days of Islamic resistance operations

    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    A huge Leap in Capability! The J-10C represents a significant advancement by enabling the ability to lock onto and engage adversaries within friendly airspace. All enemy would hear is warnings from their RWR/MAWS, followed by a SPLASH!

    Imran offered Us Six Ministries, Bilawal is not Fully Trained in Politics Claims Zardari Who Foresees a National Unity Govt after the Elections

    In startling revelations, former president says “minus-Zardari” PPP offered six ministries to join PTI govt No party would be able to secure a majority of 172 seats: Zardari. “Bilawal is much more talented than I am, but he isn’t experienced.” PPP leader says removing Imran from power was...

    Interpol approached to arrest Moonis Elahi in money laundering case

    Sources say PTI leader’s properties and bank accounts have been frozen LAHORE: The caretaker federal government has approached the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) to repatriate Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Moonis Elahi, Geo News reported on Thursday. Moonis, who...

    ECP orders PTI to hold intra-party polls within 20 days or lose bat as electoral symbol

    The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday ordered the PTI to hold intra-party elections within 20 days to retain bat as its poll symbol. In August, the commission had given a final warning to the PTI to hold the polls or it could be declared ineligible to obtain an election symbol...
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