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    Junaid Safdar divorces his wife (Saif ur rehmans daughter)

    Maybe she had enough morals to realize that being in a corrupt fascist mafia family not a good idea long term.
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    Who is traitor ? Imran khan or Generals?

    The dim witted napak fauj doesn't even realize that PTI declassified the cypher just before being ousted. Whoever leaked the transcript has done nothing illegal. Most of the SC already has the transcript since last year.
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    Ishaq Dar Physically Assaults Journalist - Video

    The beghairat needs to be thrashed if he is ever caught alone in public.
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    A Muslim has been tied to a tree, his head has been half-shaved, and is being forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in UP, India.

    It does tell us that no matter the crime, bakhts are desperate to try and force people to repeat Hindu chants. Perhaps they should realize that forcing someone to say something does not make them a Hindu. In fact the person will be cursing their Hindu Gods from inside. If the guy did a crime...
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    Imran still chasing talks with military establishment

    This is why there should never be a COAS posiition at all. Seperate divisions should have their own Commanders who make decisions after meeting with other Commanders. The fact is that Asim Muneer is under their control since they put him in charge. What's currently happening is that the Sharifs...
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    Enemy strikes Pakistan's lifeline.

    IK dissolved assemblies because PTI has a very good chance of winning Punjab and KPK. He did not predict that PDM would break the constitution laws and refuse to hold elections and didn't expect army and police to support the illegal move. In a country with rule of law the elections would...
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    Shireen Mazari quits PTI, active politics ( rumor: Shah Mehmmod Qurashi leaving, will call press conference)

    Looks like end of PTI if senior members are being forced to leave. To hell with PDM and its handlers.
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    Imran Khan all over on International Media

    Not bothered reading most of that drivel but the original regime change cipher claim is undeniable. If it was a false narrative then PDM and the establishment could easily have rebuked it through courts and by publicizing the cipher. The fact that they didn't shows that it was true. PDM tried to...
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    Punjab caretaker government presents ‘terrorism’ evidence to ECP against PTI

    There is a criminal mafia in charge of Pakistan that has their dogs raised in police and army. They are fascists that are breaking every law there is right now.
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    Imran Khan battles the military

    The only peole who were killed were PTI sopporters, police did not suffer any injuries at all. PDM and the establishment need to pay a heavy price for their murders. May Allah destroy them in this world.
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    zaid hamid on General Asim, CIA, Imran, Election

    The man who won the world cup, built multiple cancer hospitals and universities for Pakistan's poor awaam and who has claimed the US got him removed through regime change is working for the US? This ZH clown is talking out of his backside.
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    Indians Have Highest Trust In Government,Modi continues to be world’s most popular leader

    Better than sucking Western countries balls like Ganja Baghora and family do.
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    The leak is of US documents which included lots of foreign intel accumulated by the US. This is not something a discord server collected from different countries individually. The US agencies either have spies in various Governments that are feeding them memos from Pakistan and other countries...
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    If the US has Pakistan's internal memo's then it means there are spies within the Government or army is involved. The dollar Generals are prime suspects who should be tried for treason.
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    Alleged Audio Leak of CJP Bandial Mother in law!

    And what pray tell have your PDM masters done for Pakistan in the last 10 months? What positive policies have they enacted? How is the economy doing? Are the foreign reserves rising? In IK's tenure the growth was 6% and reserves were over $17B. There were panahghas and food for the homeless...
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    Alleged Audio Leak of CJP Bandial Mother in law!

    The Lumber 1 criminals are clutching at straws now. She has every right as a citizen of Pakistan to support who she wants. In the audio leak she is only telling the CJP to stand firm since the awaam will support him in his decision according to constitution. There is nothing wrong in what she...
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    Supreme court Bench broken

    The petition by PTI will have to be heard since it's not a Suo Moto by the CJP. A new bench will need to be formed. If all judges recuse themselves then Pakistan is all but under martial law.
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    Shahzeb Khanzada Grills Ishaq Dar on Economy

    What a load of shite. I didn't watch past the first 5 minutes but you can clearly tell they are still pushing the narrative that PTI is to blame for the sinking economy and Dar is competent. The actual truth is that all economic indicators in March/April showed economy was strengthening until...
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    PML-N refutes claims by 'conman' alleging Nawaz Sharif behind Arshad Sharif's murder, Imran Khan attack

    The patwari's will even stoop to such a low level that they will defend a murderer and a thief. Surely people should think of their own akhira before standing on the side of wrongdoers. If the Sharifs have plotted and killed people then they must pay the price in this world.
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    Assassination Attempt on Imran Khan: One Killed, Multiple Injuried Including Imran Khan - 11/22

    Which other army in the world has an "Inter-Services Public Relations" department that fools the public on a a daily basis with propaganda?? These bastards think they are doing good and anyone who speaks against them is a traitor. Pathetic losers who are following dajjal's path..
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