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  1. Invicta

    Imran Khan destroyed Pakistan and tolerancw we had. Hafizullah niazi

    I hope this is satirical. There should be zero tolerance for corruption, if anything IK has made it real difficult for these clowns to wash their dirty laundry and get away with it. Sooner or later they will be held to account.
  2. Invicta

    How Murree Brewery Built A 160 Year Old Alcohol Empire In Pakistan

    That is your delusion and far from reality - how can a minority (4% of population) which is not overly rich account for $55 million in revenue alone.
  3. Invicta

    How Murree Brewery Built A 160 Year Old Alcohol Empire In Pakistan

    Who are you kidding, most people in Pakistan I know drink regularly and some of them even boast big beards. Just look at your cantonments and even your villages booze is everywhere.
  4. Invicta

    The rise & fall of Pakistan's Bureaucracy + How Pakistan Customs Work - Very insightful and Candid Interview

    I came across these videos on TCMs channel, I have heard of Ashir Azeem but the videos were an eye opener to the extent of corruption in Pakistan. Well worth a watch.
  5. Invicta

    Pakistan military officer sues Adil Raja for defamation in unprecedented UK action

    Exactly - in cases of defamation the defendant has to prove that his actions have not caused claimant any harm, a statement is defamatory if its publication has caused or is likely to cause serious harm to the reputation of the claimant. In this case the defendant will have to show how many...
  6. Invicta

    Economy will be OK in 1 year: Army Chief Asim Munir

    I need to know who rolls his joints... :big_boss:this some next level stuff he is smoking. Then again - I condemn the violence on 9 May. PTI and its members are traitors. Pakistan Army Zindabad. P.S I am not travelling to Pakistan next month.
  7. Invicta

    300 Pakistani Foreign dreamers drown in Mediterranean ocean en route to Europe (so they can hear bad mouthing from khawaja asif)

    You have that experience with Students, I have that experience with educated family members, I don't know why but for Pakistanis shortcuts are a way of life. I know doctors and engineers who ask the same thing, how can I move aboard without complying with the requirements. I have money can I...
  8. Invicta

    This oversea Pakistani is tired of sending money to relatives

    My dad was in the same situation when he was working now his excuse is that he is retired and only gets his pension which does not leave enough disposable income to help relatives in Pakistan. So they started calling me and my brother, we started off by helping them but the begging bowl came...
  9. Invicta

    Unofficial Martial Law Declared By ISPR?

    No sir even I had to do double take there, the world has moved on from those times. Even on P-hub bondage is now outdated - new terminology is BDSM. Kakul need to update their syllabus.
  10. Invicta

    How can Imran Come out of His Present Imbroglio

    🤔She got raped by her husband first... then had to sit on his funeral pyre with dragon eggs...Not feasible.
  11. Invicta

    Security Of Pakistan Secured as 400 Terrorist Suspect Identified

    Ever read the story "The Emperors New Clothes"? - - - The emperor is naked!" The parade stopped. The emperor paused. A hush fell over the crowd, until one quick-thinking peasant shouted: "No, he isn't. The emperor is merely endorsing a clothing-optional lifestyle! Just read this to my 6 year...
  12. Invicta

    Jahangir Tareen's new party to be named ‘Istehkam-e-Pakistan’

    Its not the "roll of" rather the "roll over" that matters in Pakistani politics specially when another DHA is on the line.
  13. Invicta

    Imran nominated in murder FIR of lawyer pleading his treason case

    :cheers: to quote Al-Murray "If we had no rules where would we be? France! If we had too many rules where would we be? Germany!"
  14. Invicta

    ‘I’d rather stay in Communist China than return to inheritance tax Britain’

    Well supposedly all that money and not an ounce of intelligence. You can easily transfer all of your inheritance into a trust and pay ZERO tax it at death. And he should stay away from Kent old bugger needs to die abroad, has three properties will for sure come to Kent and buy a plush pad here...
  15. Invicta

    Imran nominated in murder FIR of lawyer pleading his treason case

    Sometimes reading the political developments in Pakistan I think to myself, UK politics is a circus but Pakistani politics is on another level altogether. Long live the King.
  16. Invicta

    Chaos in Pakistan raises questions for UK: report (Nawaz and Malik Riaz under NCA watch)

    I think everyone is realising that this game has been played on a grander scale than what everyone initially thought. The parties involved are in it to survive because outside of the government their existence was compromised. What they did not count on was the issues with IMF and other allies...
  17. Invicta

    Chaos in Pakistan raises questions for UK: report (Nawaz and Malik Riaz under NCA watch)

    Its all kicked off after this incident, all MP's that had large Pakistani diaspora lobbying them were not taking it seriously - as you would. This single incident incensed these MP's. I don't like Ian Duncan Smith but the guy has 50-60 MPs under his wing and acts as a Kingmaker in current...
  18. Invicta

    Current conditions of Pakistan

    True, what a sad state of affairs when you would rather call and enemy for help than rely on your own people.
  19. Invicta

    Ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan Arrested: News and Discussion

    I just finished watching Behind closed door the documentary that lays bare and exposes the corruption of our esteemed Sharif clan. What a job by the late Arshad Sharif. No wondered he paid the price with his life. Yet when I switch to Pakistani news channels there is a completely different...
  20. Invicta

    Behind Closed Doors - Released today on Apple TV

    This is the documentary that caused establishment to murder Journalist Arshad Sharif, it released on Apple TV today so will watch tonight, I hope this lights their pants on fire and opens peoples eyes to wholesale corruption in Pakistani Establishment. To be released on Netflix and Amazon Prime...
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