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  1. Rahul9090

    India bans defense.pk

    stop posting false propaganda and misinformation ,this was a glitch on jios end ,which i was also facing like a week ago or so been working fine since then no bans relax
  2. Rahul9090

    Would America Back India in a War?

    US promised India help if China attacked during 1971 Indo-Pak war NEW DELHI: Despite its intense animosity towards India during the 1971 war, the US promised New Delhi "all out" support in case China carried out any unprovoked attack on India, recently declassified documents reveal 40 years...
  3. Rahul9090

    Saudi Arabia: Halal S3x Shops to Sell 'Islamically Approved' Adult Toys for Muslims in Mecca

    A halal s3x shop that will sell "Islamically approved" adult products, exclusively to Muslims, will be opened in the Saudi city of Mecca. Alyaoum24, an Arabic news portal, the shops will "strictly cater to Muslim customers in Mecca" and is being opened after due consultation with Saudi...
  4. Rahul9090

    Mosque is not a religious place, can be demolished any time: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy

    Destruction of early Islamic heritage sites in Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bulldozing the birthplace of Mohammed: Developers set to demolish building next to site of the Prophet's home to make way for imam's residence | Daily Mail Online Abandoned by God? Italian churches...
  5. Rahul9090

    Gods live in temples, not churches or mosques, Subramanian Swamy says

    pathetic pro jihadi cm of assam :tdown:
  6. Rahul9090

    India forces kill 2 pro-independence fighters in Kashmir

    The Indian security forces have killed two fighters believed to be linked to the pro-independence movement in Kashmir in a fire exchange in the disputed region. The Indian soldiers were cordoning off the northern village of Thagund in Baramulla district when the gun battle erupted, said Indian...
  7. Rahul9090

    Good news very soon on power tariff cut, free water: Arvind Kejriwal

    from rape capital to soon to be Jihad capital of the world congrats delhi walo enjoy your free wifi an water for now
  8. Rahul9090

    Foreign Ministry Remarks on Indian Prime Minister Modi Attending Activities in Disputed Area

    what failure?AP is still part of India so is kashmir we are doing what ever is necessary to keep Indians Interests alive,we are already Backed by the united state and other major western powers and that is all matters
  9. Rahul9090

    Foreign Ministry Remarks on Indian Prime Minister Modi Attending Activities in Disputed Area

    Abotani its high time you pack your back an gtfo of India ,i know you must be a desperate Pakistani or a chinese false flag troll desperately hiding behind a democratic flag which you can only dream about btw even if you are an arunachali and you do not wish to be with India you are free to...
  10. Rahul9090

    BREAKTHROUGH - Afghan Taliban to negotiate with Kabul.

    Afghan Taliban deny reports of peace talks: spokesman - Pakistan - DAWN.COM
  11. Rahul9090

    Dr. Zakir Naik wins King Faisal award

    Zakir Naik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. Rahul9090

    Uighurs flee China for Turkey in search of peace

    State crackdowns prompt China’s Uighurs to risk long, perilous journeys in search of security and stability Many of the hundreds of ethnic Uighurs who have fled China illegally to escape religious persecution and discrimination have made harrowing journeys to reach Turkey. But those who have...
  13. Rahul9090

    Toddler raped, strangled in Karachi PAKISTAN

    your thinking process is retarded then this is a barbaric act and must be condemn by every one
  14. Rahul9090

    Woman converted to |slam stabbed her Muslm boyfriend todeath after row about wearin tights n shorts

    Sarah Willis, who converted to Islam 'killed Muslim boyfriend after rows about tight clothes'  | Daily Mail Online
  15. Rahul9090

    Woman converted to |slam stabbed her Muslm boyfriend todeath after row about wearin tights n shorts

    Sarah Willis converted to !slam but rowed with boyfriend over tight clothes Boyfriend Bilal Saddique was strict Muslim and kept relationship private Willis claims the pair had argued about her wearing tight and short clothes On one occasion he picked her up from work and saw her with other man...
  16. Rahul9090

    Five children dead after madrassa well collapses In Peshawar

    PESHAWAR: At least five children have died after falling in a well located inside a madrassa in Peshawar on Tuesday. According to reports, between 25 to 30 students were on the roof of the well which had been converted into a gutter. Rescue and police officials say that the wall of the gutter...
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