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    BREAKING: PAF base Mianwali under attack, suicide bombers and heavy weapons in use

    You might abuse him if you dont agree with him but dont insult his parents otherwise you will no be different than those retarded indians. Regards
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    More than 165,000 Afghans flee Pakistan after deportation order: officials

    Next time mod should at least ban all indians from Pakistan political affairs thread they only come to troll and derail the actual point of the thread using nonsensical arguments.
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    Active Officers from Pakistan Army to Run Federal Hospitals as Administrators

    Try and leave the country you get far better opportunities It says lumber 1 did excellent work in removing insects from the cotton crops
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    Army officers to take charge of Pims, Polyclinic hospitals in Islamabad

    Cause he is a psychic produced by lumber 1 xd
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    Army officers to take charge of Pims, Polyclinic hospitals in Islamabad

    Another day in the faujeet/banana republic of Pakistan and if someone thinks this is a good idea look at the bloated institution known as DHA Regards. Caretaker minister Nadeem Jan was a “true health professional and he wanted to bring reforms to the health sector” lol
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    Why The Generals Want To Destroy Pakistan?

    Well when they wear their uniform they think they become a superior being then us normal Pakistani.
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    Why The Generals Want To Destroy Pakistan?

    "Extremists" which are given birth by the vigo operators but then get out of control rinse and repeat but then again you are dealing with lumber 1 what can you expect from them.
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    FIA Books Journalist For Disseminating Anti-State Narrative, Fake, Misleading Information

    You really should not waste your time arguing with hafeez pawns like him are pretty much expendable for nunni league.
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    The History of Jinnah House, Lahore Cantonment

    Buildings can be rebuilt Dead People cannot come back.
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    Supreme Court to go live on TV!!

    Well he is Hafeez the famous PMLN SM hustler on PDF. Cant expect sensible things from him. Rather you lose your braincells arguing with him.
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    Amar Farooq has died today. His father wasn't allowed to meet his ailing son.

    Dont worry soldouts like Hafeez and fools nightmare will also defend this on the other hand i have intense hatered for the first time in my life when these pieces of shit dragged away the father and did not even let him attend the janaza all pieces of shit who support may them their families...
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    Amar Farooq has died today. His father wasn't allowed to meet his ailing son.

    ALL media is PTV+ nowdays you have to search for proper news yourself those that did report the truth are either killed by the faujeets (Arshad Sharif) or kidnapped/killed like (Imran Riaz Khan) And all of us are responsible in some way for this faujeet monster that we have today back then this...
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    Amar Farooq has died today. His father wasn't allowed to meet his ailing son.

    I am not surprised these faujeets did the same thing with the people whom they brutally gunned down during may 9th and not handing over their bodies to the families unless they make a statement against PTI and IK Hope every single piece of shit faujeets who participated with this face the same...
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    Mufti Taqi Usmani warned against participation of Pakistani females in Miss Universe contest

    Pretty surprised when violenece happen to students and girls in madrassahs these POS mullahs are absent but for these fatwas are always ready lol.
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    TTP fighters infiltrate into Chitral and attempt to seize villages/posts 6/9/23

    mods dont remove anti IK or PTI threads seems like you live under a rock check fools nightamre and hafeez both make shit ton of threads on the same topic every single day
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    Exchange of fire between Pakistani and Afghan forces at Torkham border crossing

    quite a lot of Africans states have improved over the past decade namely Botswana and Rwanda there are still problems but they are tackling it But yes there are some African states which are just straight up shithole example:Zimbabwe and DRC Congo
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