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  1. Great Janjua

    TTP fighters infiltrate into Chitral and attempt to seize villages/posts 6/9/23

    Tu rehnday. Why do you have to chime in everything? Stick to making bot threads.
  2. Great Janjua

    Heavy Industries Taxila

    Gradually refining, what a scam all they did was put on rubber tracks.
  3. Great Janjua

    TTP fighters infiltrate into Chitral and attempt to seize villages/posts 6/9/23

    Don't overwork ur tiny brain the metric of success is you deal more kinetic damage and not lose ground. In skirmishes there will always be casualties. You should do your best to minimise them.
  4. Great Janjua

    A Major and a sepoy martyred whilst 1 Ts killed 1 escaped injured.

    ISPR and its bots @Signalian can tell us how India is behind this "Sazish"
  5. Great Janjua


    Honour killings have been happening since the dawn of civilization in the Indian subcontinent nothing new. Jaats of Haryana still practice it like many other NW groups/tribes. Allah, Allah karo.
  6. Great Janjua

    9 soldiers martyred 20 wounded in a suicide attack

    Bas kar de donkey brain, these soldiers died of neglect.
  7. Great Janjua

    9 soldiers martyred 20 wounded in a suicide attack

    @Signalian You try defending this one as well
  8. Great Janjua

    Pray for people in Chair lift in batgram

    14 hours and 2 rescues something wrong with the planning, time is of essence you cannot be wasting time and changing strategies mid air. You need to come in with a good plan. Fate wins today. Army clueless as ever.
  9. Great Janjua

    Unyielding Valor: Pakistan Army's Rescue Operation During a Plane Crash

    Just because "you've been there and done that" does not take away the fact that the high command is corrupt and hardly gives two shills for the same troops who were protecting you on the border. Rather than sucking up to the army you should see the bad side to it too.
  10. Great Janjua

    Pakistan on the verge of total collapse?

    The real solution to our problems will be eliminating these leaders whom cause fitna in the land. A bullet will suffice.
  11. Great Janjua

    PTI chief no more 'honest and righteous,' PML-N reacts to Toshakhana verdict

    Stop using the word "Paindoo" as an insult. It's derogatory and uncalled for.
  12. Great Janjua

    Corporate farming by defence forces gets a jumpstart

    This is basically a scam to put small scale farmers and their land under this scheme basically turning every other poor rural farmer helpless in giving their land to these looters. The main solution is to give farmers the incentives to buy equipment and latest machinery at a minimum price just...
  13. Great Janjua

    More comedy from Sunny Paaji

    Pakistan has close to 20 million Jats asi koi mahaul ni.
  14. Great Janjua

    Army top brass terms TTP sanctuaries in Afghanistan major reason ‘impacting Pakistan’s security’

    Army is so clueless, why go after the sanctuaries when you have the capability to nab them at home and on the border. All it takes is good intelligence network and half of your job is done, but looking at the current situation inside the country it seems the leadership is only doing PR, to...
  15. Great Janjua

    Land reforms termed must for food security

    Most of the land in Sindh is owned by waderos who stole poor peoples land, and now they want reforms 😂. I swear this country will be on its arse as soon as land holdings are transferred to "Government", the last thing keeping Pak afloat is it's rural land owning. But like Sindh they want to...
  16. Great Janjua

    The Bedori Defenders: Pakistan Army’s Remarkable Endeavors for the Welfare of the People of AJK

    Shut the hell up, you and your jittery fingers defending these no for good generals is beyond me. Even a kid does not respect these corrupt clowns anymore. It's over for Pak army.
  17. Great Janjua

    terrorist attack on Police station Mattani Peshawar

    This is the norm nowadays, terrorists attack the same area whilst our intelligence is dogshite to begin with. Other Example- Laki Marwat. Only good thing out of this attack is am hearing no casualties on our end, but the attackers have escaped.
  18. Great Janjua

    4 soldiers martyred 5 critically injured, 3 Ts killed in Zhob Cantonment attack.

    Your empathy should lie with soldiers not the generals, although I am starting to question how the high command is high on incompetence, that does not take away the fact I care for the average foot soldier who does his job for mere bread crumbs. The real heroes are the soldiers not some fat...
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