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  1. Mikethedyke

    T-LORAMIDS Tender | Updates & Discussion

    This is a great development for both countries! Turkey gets ToT and a good deal in general, China gets a sale to a reputable country which can pave a way to more sales. I've always respected Turkey's domestic industries, obviously Turkey can't match the big boys like the US, China, Russia etc...
  2. Mikethedyke

    China Steals New Australia Spy Agency Blueprints: Report

    I think all this talk of China hacking people is mostly propaganda by the US and her allies. Why? Because by announcing to everyone how often you are hacked, you are basically telling everyone on this planet (governments, corporations, individuals etc.) that your system is vulnerable and then...
  3. Mikethedyke

    Chengdu J-20 5th Generation Aircraft News & Discussions

    It was flying for children everywhere! :P
  4. Mikethedyke

    J-20 and T-50, which is better?

    Israeli stuff are first rate =) It just shows that great things can come from small countries too.
  5. Mikethedyke

    Taiwan Missile Can Reach Beijing: Report

    Don't feed the troll people =) Anyone who dies on either side of the strait is considered a loss for the Chinese nation.
  6. Mikethedyke

    We want a carrier: GT poll

    China polls a lot of things. People can even vote for their favorite singer on TV, yes we have reality shows in China lol =)
  7. Mikethedyke

    India's right-wing leader asks China to end religious repression in Tibet

    Agree with the previous members. This guy is just trying to rack up some media points. Leave the Indian government out of it =)
  8. Mikethedyke

    India, China to address irritants in ties

    I hope China & India's relationship will be better every year =)
  9. Mikethedyke

    Israel claims Russian missle hit school bus

    What's so funny? Does innocent school children getting killed make you happy?
  10. Mikethedyke

    Is india stronger than china?

    China & India are the biggest developing nations (although in different stages of development) and both people deserve to live good lives. The biggest challenge facing us is the developed countries who do not want compromise their present position and so they try to divide China & India by...
  11. Mikethedyke

    Shooter game "Homefront" starring WZ-10 and Type 99A2

    They are from Taiwan yes =)
  12. Mikethedyke

    China tests missile air defence system

    The one you're using now! =D
  13. Mikethedyke

    China tests missile air defence system

    I love your avatar, can you post an enlarged version of it? =) I wanna hang it on my wall for giggles when I'm solving a hard problem. As motivation =P
  14. Mikethedyke

    China 'to overtake US on science' in two years

    Why does everything always come down to China vs. India on this forum?! China is decades ahead of India and other developing countries in terms of its institutions and education. Look, this isn't about China vs. India, it's about a country trying to reach parity with the developed world in terms...
  15. Mikethedyke

    US launch attack on Libya

    Btw, Bahrain have an usually high unemployment rate and the mobs are angry that people from South Asia "are taking" their jobs. Just wanted to clarify that (My buddy there did the research while in hiding. Sad.)
  16. Mikethedyke

    US launch attack on Libya

    Don't be so quick to condemn Bahrain brother. I have a friend there (who's a Pakistani-Swedish student on exchange there) and he told me it's crazy over there, the protesters or mobs are attacking anyone with dark/brown skin. A lot of Pakistanis and Indians are being beaten and many went into...
  17. Mikethedyke

    Experts: China not affected by Japanese nuclear leakage

    Good to know! My parents are in China =D I was very worried about radiation clouds, been calling them every few hours to tell them to watch the news!
  18. Mikethedyke

    Yes she's my gf and she's Chinese too =) I'm from Harbin. How about you?

    Yes she's my gf and she's Chinese too =) I'm from Harbin. How about you?
  19. Mikethedyke

    J-10A & J-11B: Join Air Exercise

    As of right now, the J-11B is better in terms of airframe quality (more composite materials and better built quality = longer service life), versatility (fire both Chinese & Russian weapons) and some avionics systems (missile warning, wide angle holographic HUD etc.) . Su-30MKI has a better...
  20. Mikethedyke

    Should China export J 20 to Pakistan and if yes when?

    India's MCA project... we haven't even seen a feather of it yet. China can very well have a few more stealth prototypes laying around but I think stealth UAVs that can launch A2A missiles will be the future of China's AF
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