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    Pakistan’s central bank begins work on CBDC

    @ARMalik ARM sb, CBDC in the hands of corrupt generals is going to be very dangerous. You have a point there. El Salvador comes to mind. Regards
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    Bangladesh shows 'remarkable progress' against hunger since 2015

    @@blue Ocean Why a poor country Pakistan should have nuclear bombs? 1. Pakistan is sorrounded by hostile neighbours. Iran, India and Afghanistan all have territorial disputes with it. India even dismembered it once. 2. Pak has great power aspirations- an aspiration which it inherits as a...
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    Do you wipe your arse?

    The Lota is betta Regards
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    Daronomics was actually Nawazonomics from Day 1

    @Maula Jatt Pakistan's problem is its low productivity, arising out of inadequate investment in human resources. Low productivity and easy money (through artificially low interest rates and overvalued currency) is a recipe for disaster Regards
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    S Venkitaramanan, one of the heroes of 1991, passes away

    Om Shanti https://www.ptcnews.tv/business/indian-economist-and-18th-rbi-governor-s-venkitaramanan-passes-away-at-92-734551 Subrahmanyam Venkitaramanan or S. Venkitaramanan who was an Indian economist, civil servant and 18th Governor of Reserve Bank of India passed away on Saturday morning due...
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    Sam Altman, sacked as ChatGPT head

    Sam Altman had earlier dismissed the Indian AI industry as hopeless. Hinduon ki baddua lag gayee. Serves him right. @RiazHaq @hatehs @CallSignMaverick @Paitoo Brofessor sb, jawab do! jawab do! jawab do...
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    How will we know that India is about to attack

    @fitpOsitive India isn't militarily strong enough to attack Pakistan. Your question is purely hypothetical. Regards
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    Rice exports likely to hit record high

    @Maula Jatt Chinese people prefer sticky rice, not sure they will like basmati Regards
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    Bangladesh: National election on Jan 7

    @Bengal71 Ekattor dada, I am surprised that you dont think that SHW and BAL are the best bet for BD. Why? Regards
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    Nawaz Sharif's women obsession.

    Politicians lead highly stressful and lonely lives. That is why more often than not they end up with various women. And many women are naturally attracted to men in position of power. It is a heady mix. As long as they don't allow their relationships to come in way of governance, we should be...
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    Taiwan to import 100,000 Indians

    @etylo opinion. I am amazed to know that a drone- slave like you knows the word "opinion". You guys are not allowed to have one. Regards
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    Taiwan to import 100,000 Indians

    @omaromar Perhaps only the lower classes, but the middle and upper classes do not like mixing with those they deem inferior. That is a fair point. But in any society real upper classes will be very small. A large % of population is in the lower class and women in these group will be...
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    Taiwan to import 100,000 Indians

    @omaromar They will welcome cheap labor, but will not tolerate their women being "tampered" with. Once, Indians (or Pakistanis or Africans for that matter) enter Taiwan and other East Asian societies in large numbers, they will have no choice but to so the immigrants commandeer all their...
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    Elon Musk is having the highest respect for India !

    Phull sappot to Elon Saar Regards
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    Chinese consortium gets nod to set up 100MW solar plant at Gouripur

    @saif bhai, who is this naked dude in the picture? I am quite intrigued by your interest in the gentleman Regards
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    Die, cash, die!

    @NooriNuth If that is your only concern, go for a domestic payment gateway like India has done RuPay. Also expand on your version of the UPI. Regards @RiazHaq
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    Die, cash, die!

    Wonderful development. Should boost tax/GDP ratio- the bane of Pak public finances- in the long-term. Regards
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    Is it true, the highest ratio of officers down during ongoing operations in Pak army

    If it is true, it speaks highly of the quality of its officer cadre. It means officers lead from the front. Regards

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