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    Hamas has no evidence that Israel struck Gaza hospital

    And the source is NYTimes. What a trustful source. The brazen lies from Western media against China, Russia, Vietnam, Cuba etc. today are unimaginable.
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    Hamas has no evidence that Israel struck Gaza hospital

    I do not say the two cases are exactly the same. The Wikipedia link is to provide information on how America behaved, which is comparable to how the Jewish state behaving now. They claimed that North Vietnam stationed anti aircraft unit inside the hospital, which was a lie. There were...
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    Hamas has no evidence that Israel struck Gaza hospital

    It is much like the US bombed Bach Mai hospital in Hanoi in Dec 1972, the biggest hospital of Vietnam then and now, and killed 28 hospital staff and unknown number of patients. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%E1%BA%A1ch_Mai_Hospital We detected the B-52s flew to Hanoi, we heard the bombs, we...
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    What does it take for Europe's largest economy to reach 'China speed'?

    Currently there are many programs on DW News and DW Documentary channels which praise India, something like "Is India replacing China as world economic engine" blah blah ... I guess to reach "China speed", Germany will learn from India and "India speed".
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    At least 22 dead, 50 injured in mass shooting across several locations in Lewiston, Maine, police say

    Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala etc. all due to communists? You are so delusional.
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    At least 22 dead, 50 injured in mass shooting across several locations in Lewiston, Maine, police say

    Just another day in the US. Few people cares. Even if the murderer is arrested or killed, what would change? Nothing.. The problem is the decaying of the American society, not an individual's one..
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    Serbia snubs Berlin Process Summit to sign trade deal with China

    Unless EU has very special policy towards Serbia, which I doubt. How can EU bring more benefit to Serbia than China, if: - EU combined economy is smaller than that of China, nominal GDP into account. If comparing other economic data, like manufacturing volume, consumption volume etc. then China...
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    Newly Industrialized Countries- current

    This kind of listing are increasingly useless and do not reflect reality at all. It has been politicized too much, just as anything coming from Western institutions nowadays. Vietnam is still poor and backward, but compared to the Phillipines, it is far ahead by every measurable and verifiable...
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    Developing Vietnam-China relations is a strategic choice and top priority in foreign policy - Vietnamese PM to Chinese PM

    Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong will attend the Belt and Road Initiative Forum in Beijing from 17 - 20 Oct.
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    West wants to change china culturally but fails everytime

    China should try to change the culture of Anglo-Saxon countries. Chinese has more people, and most importantly, Chinese average IQ is relatively higher than Anglo-Saxon, sooner or later the world will have to accept that. Anglo-Saxon culture should be put under Chinese influence. Until very...
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    Video breaks down unbelievable progress in China’s high-speed rail system: ‘What are we doing in the US?’

    China and Chinese in general, from historical point of view, always thinks long-terms, and their philosophy is quite different to the US. The US is rich (at least on paper), but their thinking is truly from a young nation, like a spoiled child of a rich family who believes he knows everything...
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    Don’t be surprised by China’s collapse

    American are desperate to prove that they are still something on the world stage, not unlike the Indian back in early 2010s, when I joined this forum, when they tried so hard to prove that they were on par with China.
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    Why Russia has no reason or right to complain about NATOs expansion.

    With Western great tradition of lying (whether from media or governments), whatever you say... I doubt anyone in this forum will believe whatever you said to badmouth Russia (whether it is true or not), including Western forumers. People in the West now seems to distrust anything from their...
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    Indonesia Reports 40 Consecutive Months of Trade Surplus

    Good job. Would like to see the high speed railway run all the way from Jakarta to Surabaya.
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    🤣US offers Vietnam F-16 fighters ‘to sabotage peace, stability’🤣

    The US is using its trade weight to force Vietnam to do something and Vietnam may have to adapt to the situation. China moving their factories to Vietnam to avoid tax and the US knows that, but they will import those Chinese products as if these are Vietnamese products. With trade surplus with...
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    🤣US offers Vietnam F-16 fighters ‘to sabotage peace, stability’🤣

    What you know is from Western media only. It is totally different to the reality. General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong (top leader) visited China in November 2022 and was warmly welcomed by Mr. Xi. German's Chancellor Scholz visited China almost at the same time, but was treated relatively bad...
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    🤣US offers Vietnam F-16 fighters ‘to sabotage peace, stability’🤣

    Much better. Do not buy into Western propaganda.
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    India risks becoming one of the world’s main generators of “instability, atrocities and violence” : UN official warns

    If Modi can continue his iron grip in India while maintaining the country united and stable politically, India will rise. For this time-being, India needs someone like him. Anyway, he should speak openly and frankly that "democracy, Western-style" is one of the most stupid and inefficient...

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