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    Anybody there?

    Be careful

    The End of Alqadir Trust case

    Qazi Fiaz Isa escape from patli gali ............lollll

    Houthis vs Israel

    Israeli military plan to occupy Yemen's Socotra Island in UAE-built facilities: Report The island is situated near the Bab al-Mandab Strait, considered strategic for the passage of Israeli nuclear-armed submarines News Desk MAR 10, 2022 MAR 10, 2022 A UAE-backed construction project is being...

    The End of Alqadir Trust case


    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Situation is slowly heating up, either Israelis govt remove Netanyahu or another war in progress...This time will be slow bleed situation for Israeli and non group is ready for truce ... but this whole situation badly hurting US interest and ongoing policy in the region.

    Why Wednesday?


    Why do people call now Supreme Court is composition of judicial filth (watch)

    Now Faiz Isa openly threatened Amna Malik.

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    After the genocide, that's another big mistake.

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    May be hostages in Egypt.
  10. HAIDER

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    The release of hostages shows the extreme weakness of the Israeli army. For one month they were unable to recover the hostage from 25 miles long 4 miles wide strip and after leveling the Gaza ...
  11. HAIDER

    4 Indian soldiers Incl. 02 officers (Major + Captain) Killed + 03 Para SF injured in IOK battle with Kashmiri Freedom Fighters

    you are more then welcome ..............please do it and get ready for a response too .
  12. HAIDER

    Salman Akram Raja join PTI ?

    Seems a new strategy developed, and lots of " known lawyers" joining PTI. A bold and wise move.
  13. HAIDER

    Salman Akram Raja join PTI ?

    https://www.rmaco.com.pk/salman-akram-raja-appointed-as-a-member-of-the-prime-ministers-economic-advisory-council Good to see only and always educated class join this party.
  14. HAIDER

    Israel: what's next?

    That will be a nightmare for Saudi if Israel is their trade exit entry point. They are already upset with UAE when they built the base in Yemen and started UAE-Israel joint tourism in Scorta islands. Israeli tourists provoke Yemeni people by posting their pictures from Socotra Khayber ......
  15. HAIDER

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Zionist army treatment to arrested Palestinian civilians ..
  16. HAIDER

    Hamza Shehbaz's Alleged Wife Ayesha Asad Claims

    hai , Mrs Kakuri got her freedom from the curse of this family ...
  17. HAIDER

    Top One Percent: Are Hindus the New Jews in America?

    In the US they gave opportunities to every race. But a difference between China and India ...Chinese got an education and invested back in China, but in modern China, the Indians landed in search of a better life. You can find them singing and dancing under the Indian flag, that's all ... show...
  18. HAIDER

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Palestinians never expected, that one day these European Jewish refugees of Second World war would make them refugees in their own country ...a good deed paid back with much greater sin ...but everything has its own price ...

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