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  1. Samlee

    Forum Reopens: Kahin Beete Na Yeh Raaten, Kahin Beete Na Yeh Din

    Yes!!!!!!!:partay::partay::partay::partay: How I Missed You My Love😍😍😍
  2. Samlee

    HINDUTVA HACKING FRENZY: ASHOK hacks his Brother PAWAN's rape victim to death

    Yogi Jee Has More Pressing Issues Like Banning Halal Food And Renaming Cities Please Don't Bother Him With Such Trivial Matters
  3. Samlee

    UK petrol station group EG to buy Tesla ultra-fast chargers

    Issa Brothers Came Last Year To Pakistan wonder What Became Of Their Investment Offer???
  4. Samlee

    PMLN Mehar Afzal Bharwana Ki Pitai

    When This Starts Happening to Property Dealers Will Be The Day of Real Change
  5. Samlee

    US lawmakers seek ‘suspension’ of assistance to Pakistan

    B'Coz there are 700000 Pakistani Americans And They Support Khan So Politicians would do anything for their votes.Remember Biden didn't defeat Trump by a big margin so every vote counts.
  6. Samlee

    Lahore accountability court acquits Shehbaz, others in Ashiana housing reference

    Jirgas and Panchayat have more credibility than these courts
  7. Samlee

    Daronomics was actually Nawazonomics from Day 1

    When you're voter only concern is a plate of biryani you can make them believe anything
  8. Samlee

    BHARAT'S MISSING GOPIS: Two LAKH women have disappeared in Madhya Pradesh in the last THREE YEARS

  9. Samlee

    The destruction of Persian Library in Ctesiphon by Arab Forces

    Please give authentic references not some random youtuber
  10. Samlee

    Ghulam Sarwar Khan joins Tareen-led IPP

    And not a single **** is given
  11. Samlee

    What China wants from Pakistan

    Actually pti negotiated a much better deal than the original fta in 2006
  12. Samlee

    صداقت عباسی کا انٹرویو کرنے والا اینکر عادل شاہزیب اور مطیع اللہ جان آمنے سامنے آگئے

    A patwari willing to sell his children's future over a plate of biryani talking about stunted growth??? That's rich
  13. Samlee

    Saudi Arabia to invest $5 Billion in IPL Franchise

    Pakistan should privatize PSL
  14. Samlee

    Thar Coal and The Magic That We Can Do

    Sir don't lose your sleep over some foolish comments we would love to have your input You posts are always an enlightenment
  15. Samlee

    Army officers to take charge of Pims, Polyclinic hospitals in Islamabad

    Reh Kya gaya hai just declare martial law
  16. Samlee

    Thar Coal and The Magic That We Can Do

    Chinese would happily invest if given a workable feasibility.If we play our cards right we can wipe out our entire energy import bill we can produce everything from crude oil(syncrude) to natural gas (sng) to diesel to olefins to fertilizer to aromatics btx even cement Practically anything we...

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