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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Supporting Hamas and parallelly acting victim is plan hypocrisy Gaza is not that big, arms smuggling, assembling of rockets, training of 1000s of fighters cannot go unnoticed. A common palestenian is a silent partner is this crime. all the bloodshed / bombing could have been avoided if...
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Gaza is 25 X 11 KM strip and there is no way that common people were not aware when 5000 rockets got assembled or where paratrooping training was happening, it such a small area that, if 1000s of fighters are involved / trained that cannot remain unnoticed. So common a palestinian is a silent...
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    The secular nature of a hindu

    Again showing your madarsa IQ What is the the context and what you replied, your understanding of the subject and the understanding of the context is visible in this thread, Your ancestors laid down and bowed to anyone who came from across the durrand line, the sons of soil are sticking to...
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    The secular nature of a hindu

    Please do not show your stupidity, stay silent and donot make random claims if you do not have any context Can you recall any top politician / billionaire brahmin Politicians - Modi, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh none brahmin Billionaires - Adanis, Ambanis, Jindals...
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    Egypt Golden Parade: Lessons for Pakistan

    Let me explain how religion works It is a tool for powerful to fool the commons to work for their objectives. It gives a random crowd reason to align to do something as a team and these reasons can be capturing a land, building a monument, following a set of rules, eating a type of food etc...
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    Pakistan’s Establishment Wants Us To Remain The Way We Are

    Power corrupts even the purest and that has been happening for the last 70-80 years in Pak army 90% of India does not know the name of the army chief, do you know who is the army chief of US / China / Russia / KSA / Germany / UK / France But your media is full of Bajwa, Asim, Mushrraff etc...
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    Breaking News: Pakistani census reveals 250 million population now - 2023 census

    Congrats your GDP per capita went down by 10% You were closer to India in 90s, then you were closer to BD 10 years back now you are closer to Nepal Next Target should be Afghanistan
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    The secular nature of a hindu

    I means tar what ever is fed to you by in your madarsa's and you media is complete bullshit 80-85% Indians are non vegetarians (brahmins & jains are hadly 5% of India population, but your madarsa fed you that hindu means veg) | you can find beef in any large restaurants in metro cities and any...
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    India-Russia Trade: Is Indian Rupee Worthless For Cross-Border Transactions?

    Come out of your cave camelman and do some reading Madarsa IQ is very different form real IQ -India IT exports are more than KSA's oil exports and a Pakistani advising on manufacturing / economy is the biggest joke, below is the basic comparison (See how Power, Road, Steel, Cement, Auto...
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    The secular nature of a hindu

    India is one of the largest exporter of beef, Beef items are available in the restaurent menus, Move out from madarsa and get a proper education
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    India arms Hindu militias to combat Kashmiri fighters

    Do not show you intellect level in the public forum Ethnicity has nothing to do with religion A Han Can be Buddhist , Atheist , Christan An Afghan Can be Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist An Arab can be Jew, Muslim, Christan A gFrench can be Christan, Athiest & Muslim Being Muslim and Being...
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    Gwadar is set to replace the Malacca strait

    2007 me bhi yahi suna tha Route to Turket via Kazakistan is more stable than pak If China is able to mediate Iran , GCC relation then also it can use wakhan corridor and reach midddle east via Iran You point only makes sense when eastern europe , russia , iran become / remain unstable
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    India arms Hindu militias to combat Kashmiri fighters

    A Pakistana staying in UK will tell who is kashmiri and who is not These folks are more kashmiri than your entire khandaan mere chaand, kashmir tumhara khwaab hai aur khwaab hi rahega
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    Drinking cow urine is known to be harmful – so why do people consume it every day in India?

    percentage of goumutra drinker in India is the same % of Pakistani who consume camel's piss to follow prophet's sunnat it is hardly .001%
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    The top ten companies in terms of wealth compared to India vs Pakistan.

    Lets look at the population normalised numbers This is the reason for the current state of pak, denial and ignorance instead of accepting the facts I would rather believe stats & economic indicators than an individual opinion or a news article where there is no proven methodology behind the...
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    Why do Indian immigrants become rich and raise successful kids

    Wrong 95% of IIT (most prestigious technology institution) graduates stay in India and this was opposite 20 years back in early 2000s When you can earn similar amount of money staying close to home why move out, opportunities have opened up, one can raise millions and set up business in India...
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    People started leaving prayer after mullah targeted female education in sermon

    You have not read just telling what your family / mullah told you, please quote the verses for your claim There is no ayat for the mother feet thing China hadees is no authentic , firstly it's not in bukhari secondly can you share source of its sanad This is the same point i was trying to...
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    What makes biryani so special?

    What Makes Biryani Special ? It's the essence of biryani It might have originated from Iran but the current form is very different , the initial concept came to India and with added Indian flavors it became true biryani There is difference between biryani and pulav It's the essence of...
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    People started leaving prayer after mullah targeted female education in sermon

    People who really understand religion will never stick to one. If one with an open mind had read books with proper explanation then that's the best recipie for making mulhids When the books tells female have half say (gawahi) (there no context here , this is valid across all scenarios) and the...

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