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    Unique Pro Palestinian Protest in Pakistan

    Great! now I'd love to see ANY arab protest for Kashmir lol. Arabs hate us all.
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    Interesting Facts (many you didn’t know) - Pakistan

    Does not matter,the average is what determines the nations ranking. Avg IQ, Avg educaton, Avg access to electricity, etc. And education 'topping' is meaningless. It wont produce a system like Iron dome or other local tech.
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    this whole discussion is moot. There are only three free nations in the world. 1 USA/Israel 2. China 3. Russia if you cant confront the US economically, miitariliy you arent free. 4th world nations like Afghanistan dont count because no one cares.
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Then they need to do something about it and quit using civilians who are just trying to live their lives as sacrificial lambs, they have more than enough land and resources to support 2 million palestenians. The South Koreans allow any North Korean citizenship whomever escapes and makes it to...
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    The Romans took their land.
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Arabs are moronic, they should take in refugees. no wonder they were never any real force in the muslim empires after the mongols, it was all turks and persians. An organized with high ingroup preference will always defeat a disorganized majority. Pakistan took in millions of Afghans and they...
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Out of all muslim They are both Semites, and we should stay away from them both.
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    US to hike military aid, send military ships and aircraft closer to Israel

    and they cant even give us a few billion.
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    US to hike military aid, send military ships and aircraft closer to Israel

    They own the US. lol. I think all of the chairs of the FED have been jews.
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    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    War is war, I hope both sides give it all they got. Stalemates are far more dangerious than complete victory.
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    The West doesn’t understand why China is ahead

    its just one thing: high AVG IQ combined with a large population.
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    ‘Shockingly poor language’: PM Kakar pilloried over comparison of Pak-China ties to Israel-US ties

    lol Israel owns the US, or their lobbies do. I dont see a Pakistni as chairman of the federal reserve equivilent in China. This is just silly.
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    Forex idea, let other nations pay us to take their trash

    Easy way for us to make dollars Recently China was one of the largest destinations for global garbage and they got valuable foreign reserves. We can do the same and at least get us out of debt trap. https://www.lovemoney.com/galleries/85732/the-countries-where-the-worlds-waste-goes
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    Will West kill the Indian PM Modi?

    its the 3rd largest eonomy in the world, I dont think so. West knows India is the next China. Being realistic here. They went to moon. Canada or UK never went.
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    India suspends visas for Canadians as row escalates

    Huge loss for Canada lol. No nation in south asia is exactly a prized destination for work and travel. We're not Saudi or UAE. Dirty streets and over population.
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    Today India has reached the moon, G20 meeting is held in India ! Pakistan is begging countries around the world : NawazSharif blames Gen Faiz

    The man is right, the moon is our birthright, its on our flag, we need to send a man to the moon asap. India has kicked off a new space race and we need to get into gear!
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    Imposed Government gave another petrol shock to Cuckold Nation

    I hope they are downsizing govt as well. This WIll contract the economy, downsizing the govt wont. Does not mattery how brilliant they are, we need to let them go, they can do well in prvate sector.
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    Pakistani manufacturer sees growth in assembling Chinese cars

    They will have a hard time competeing against our local honda and toyota and their exceptional workmanship. Good luck trying though.
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    Oil, gas production begins at Nashpa-11

    Nice! now that we found our own oil, we need to export and rake in $$$$
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    PML(N) needs this after working so hard in pat 18 months.

    cant wait for the day when the UK PM retires to pK

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