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    BREAKING: PAF base Mianwali under attack, suicide bombers and heavy weapons in use

    Right now the excuses are inside job, Afghans, it was only F-7 that needed to be replaced anyway. Next time, the excuses will be it was only an AWACS or it was only an F-16. Pakistanis will always find an excuse! No one bothers to fix the problem when there's an excuse. This is why these...
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    BREAKING: PAF base Mianwali under attack, suicide bombers and heavy weapons in use

    Wonder which aircraft got damaged this time? AWACS or any BVR capable fighter? I'm expecting more excuses for this incompetence and massive waste of money incoming. If Pakistanis need an excuse, they will always find one! But why correct mistakes when you can just call people Shaheed and...
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    PPP open to electoral alliance with PTI against PML-N

    What good has Imran Khan gotten by staying away from corrupt politicians? Yes, the people of Pakistan think better of him. But what are the people of Pakistan doing to get him out of jail where he rots? Imran Khan has gotten nothing out of helping this slave nation. He should just make a deal to...
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    Army set to start agriculture farming on 41,000 acres of land in S Waziristan

    Meanwhile, soldiers getting blown up in Pasni...
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    At least 14 soldiers martyred in Gwadar ambush

    So how is the Pakistan Army's corporate farming coming along? Nothing has changed for the last twenty years. If Pakistanis need an excuse to cover incompetence, they will always find one. 1. India has consulates in Afghanistan, so Pakistan can't cope. India left Afghanistan. Now what? 2...
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    Pakistani Doctor, mom of 2, stabbed to death in Texas

    I've tried to explain to some that the US is no longer any safer than Pakistan. To put it in perspective, there were 690 mass shootings in 2021, 645 mass shootings in 2022, and 565 mass shootings in 2023 so far. The most recent being in Maine that killed 18 people. These are not your typical...
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    Pakistan Rupee Rally to be Short-Lived, Say Goldman’s Analysts

    1.00 US Dollar = 1,357.0865 South Korean Won South Korea exports $683.58 billion Pakistan exports $39.42 billion NOTE: Stop caring about the dollar and increase your productivity!
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    Unwavering Strength and Resilience of Female Peacekeepers

    Women should not be serving in offensive fighting roles, especially abroad. Brownie points from the west will not win you any wars.
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    Please help me understand Imran Khan's cult of personality

    That's the problem. Had Imran Khan not been removed, he would have died a natural political death anyway. Instead the establishment made him into a martyr just as they made Bhutto a martyr and cursed Pakistan with that family. It's not that they overrated him. His performance was clearly better...
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    Ababeel Missile Tested

    US Minuteman has smaller diameter compared to Russian & Chinese ICBM, but still has an impressive 14,000 km range.
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    Please help me understand Imran Khan's cult of personality

    It was Nawaz Sharif who picked Bajwa as COAS. It was Nawaz Sharif who picked Asim Munir as COAS, even though he was an unelected convict living in UK. If anyone turned the army into Punjab police, it's PMLN. As for TTP & TTA, attacks skyrocketed after Imran Khan left. How is that his fault...
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    Please help me understand Imran Khan's cult of personality

    Exports and remittances records were broken in half his term. The country was not bankrupt or even close to defaulting when left? How was his economic policy a disaster? The economy is not something that will automatically stay good, it has to be managed at all times. If the forex reserves...
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    Ababeel Missile Tested

    Are there any plans for 2m+ diameter missiles? Also, a new warhead means an untested warhead. There haven't been hot tests since 1998, so I would imagine PAEC is using supercomputer to simulate the yields? If new warheads are possible, are there plans for thermonuclear warheads or boosted...
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    Pakistan Test Fires Ghauri MRBM

    Timing is suspect. It looks as if a message is being delivered. Some dictators have had a change of heart and pursued independent foreign policy. They wouldn't last long after that.
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    Number Of Pakistanis Looking For Opportunities Abroad Surges

    Then why don't your leaders and army care for your country more then expatriates do? Why do they run outside the country? You don't think I contribute? I don't want my parents money subsidizing lazy bums in our family. We had high hopes for Pakistan upon PTI, things weren't perfect, but there...
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    Number Of Pakistanis Looking For Opportunities Abroad Surges

    Some of us were born here. You're lucky that we even care about Pakistan. Most children of expatriates don't even care about Pakistan. Hell, your generals and civilian leaders run here. Why should we care about you when you keep re-electing corrupt people who have homes abroad? Imagine if we...
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    Nawaz’s return boosts PML-N’s political fortunes: poll

    This Pakistani Gallup is not the real Gallup.
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    Number Of Pakistanis Looking For Opportunities Abroad Surges

    People get what they vote for. Silence against wrongdoing like your government being illegally removed is also a vote.
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    PTI Increased Exports By $8.86 billion

    One interesting discovery here is that PPP and Zardari were better for exports than PMLN and Sharif. I do not attribute most of the export growth from 2008-2013 to PPP as Musharraf implemented TERF-like policy, but PPP did not shrink the exports either like PMLN did. Miftah Ismail was much...
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    PTI Increased Exports By $8.86 billion

    Pretty much in line with what I'm saying. That REER is above 100 during PMLN period and export index is very low. A REER below 100, like during PTI period, means the country's exports are competitive, while imports are expensive. You can see the exports take off. Import ban drags the exports...

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