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  1. Adios Amigo

    PTI Karachi Jalsa - Discussion.

    I think something fell in the jalsa.... i believe lighting poles and beams .... as idiots were sitting on 'em! yes confirmed .... watch during khuram sher zamans speech
  2. Adios Amigo

    Rest In Peace - Bilquis Edhi

    Inna lilahe wa inna iliehe rajioon.... may her soul rest in peace. Ameen
  3. Adios Amigo

    LIVE | PTI Jalsa In Peshawar | Imran Khan Address Today In Peshawar Powershow

    mismanaged as it could be.... given the incumbent provincial govt ... its definitely a security risk as his entry to the venue... lets not even talk about the sound system.
  4. Adios Amigo

    My big brother passed away, please do Dua for him..

    Inna lilahe wa inna ilehe rajioon.... may Allah bless his soul and grant him jannah .... Ameen
  5. Adios Amigo

    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    And CFTs already been developed and used.
  6. Adios Amigo

    PSX crashed due to PKR gone above 169 interbank.

    380 points down is not a crash.... get your facts right!
  7. Adios Amigo

    Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani passes away

    انا للہ و انا الیہ راجعون May Allah Bless his soul
  8. Adios Amigo

    Afghan #PTM activist Dr Fauzia Rauf asking afghan girls to convert to hinduism (ghar wapsi) and marry hindu boys and settle in India

    look at the anchor.... clapping and salivating like a baboon... as if he is going to get one, after the recommendation/advice of whoever(a nobody) is his program guest!
  9. Adios Amigo

    Panjshair Based Indian Puppets Itching for Trouble

    That we always knew.... tabhi tu permanent chutti kara di hy tum logon ki wahan sy!
  10. Adios Amigo

    Amrullah Saleh declares himself president of Afghanistan

    In the words of Tuco," Hey... who the hell is that?.... one bastard goes in ... another comes out" :enjoy:
  11. Adios Amigo

    Arnab Goswami goes medieval on the USA. Damn what a rant.

    Sure .... they must be.... but not many choices they have at their hands at the moment .... the geopolitical realignments that have been taking shape in the region and the choices they made viz-a-viz the other regional players doesn't leave them with many options and leverage... End Result: Wohi...
  12. Adios Amigo

    Arnab Goswami goes medieval on the USA. Damn what a rant.

    "The world wants to know.... the world needs to know"..... wasn't it " the nations needs to know"? The Irony is ....venting out their frustrations on US and West is fine.... But what have they done themselves to help the situation ? built a library, a dam and a so called parliament building...
  13. Adios Amigo

    Hindu temple attacked in Rahim Yar Khan

    These goons are doing immense dis-service to their state and own religion..... Matter must be investigated.... culprits be identified... and not only those who are caught on camera, but also the masterminds(rotten minds) behind them.... and toughest punishments served ... whatever the state laws...
  14. Adios Amigo

    My Mother Passed Away Kindly Pray for Her Magfirah

    Inna Lillahey wa Inna Ilaihey Raji'oon...... May Allah grant her Jannah...Ameen
  15. Adios Amigo

    Nauman Ali & Nauman Akram Went Hunting Together For Five Hours

    Walikom Assalam and welcome aboard ..... not only your family but the whole nation is proud of Wg Cdr Nauman Akram Shaheed... A hero and brave son of the soil... Allah Pak unkay darjat buland farmaye... Ameen!
  16. Adios Amigo

    Nauman Ali & Nauman Akram Went Hunting Together For Five Hours

    Hope they have scrubbed him properly :D Nando mian seems in a jolly mood .... Nice pose for a photo though!
  17. Adios Amigo

    US adds Pakistan, Turkey to child soldier recruiter list

    Without a CNIC you cant be recruited in armed forces of Pakistan... and the minimum age for CNIC is 18 years.... now this comes as surprise …. There is no such thing in professional armed forces as Child Soldier... Post Afghan withdrawal and the strategic shift towards China containment, these...
  18. Adios Amigo

    Turkey should pull troops from Afghanistan under 2020 accord

    why such strong words.... against a friendly country (deliberately not using the word brotherly as it ignites the fuse in hinds of many) ? what wrong has turkey done to Pakistan which has called for such a knee jerk reaction? IMO it is totally uncalled for.... Isn't Turkey working with...

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