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    Javed Hashmi break silence

    Does he want to join pti,I remember he left pti in 2014 when pti and tahir qadri did dharna in Islamabad.
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    Akbar S. Babar decides to challenge PTI’s intra-party election

    https://www.dawn.com/news/1794058 https://www.samaa.tv/208735517-new-candidate-for-pti-chairmanship-emerges-ahead-of-intra-party-elections
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    Akbar S. Babar decides to challenge PTI’s intra-party election

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    Humayun dilawar back in business

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    Sarwar wants to return

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    Over 30 ‘disgruntled’ PTI UC chairmen join Tareen’s party

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    ‘Imran Khan ruined my happily married life with Bushra Bibi,’ reveals Khawar Maneka

    Did IK ruined his married life or did bushra ruined it?It is bit strange to marry your spiritual guide(peer murshid).
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    Software update : PPP believes elections will be free and fair

    British ambassador met zardari in karachi few days ago
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    S.M campaign to defame pak exposed

    just to add it wasn't very long ago i was supporting pti.
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    S.M campaign to defame pak exposed

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    Questions regarding Abdul Razzaq comments..

    What business does razzaq have with Aishwarya,what was the need of him mentioning her in a cricket show.
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    Farah Gogi used to fly abroad on ‘secret’ passport to ‘launder illicit money’

    Farah run away from pakistan after pti lost power.Some people claim she is now in Spain.
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    PML-N has always come to power through rigging: Sharjeel Memon

    How come PPP always wins in sindh,don't they do rigging.
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    Farah Gogi used to fly abroad on ‘secret’ passport to ‘launder illicit money’

    The one who arranged secret passport knew she was into illegal business and if she got caught it might get pti and imran in trouble
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    hassan nisar comes out in support of IPP

    He is too old now,what is he going to do outside pak.
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    We were unhappy in Pakistan, but we are not happy in India either

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    Keeping lights off: Undocumented Afghans in Pakistan go into hiding

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    Fawad urges Nawaz to play his role in bringing down political temperature

    He was trying to go to ppp but they refused to take him

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