The naval chief during the Agosta 90B purchase, announced before a Pakistani court that the government in 1994 to 1995 made up her mind to acquire the French submarines contrary to the decision of the Pakistan Navy.

Naval Chief Admiral (R) Saeed Muhammed Khan was the one in charge when the deal took place. He said that the Pakistan Navy had adviced the government to acquire five or six U.K designed and built “Upholder” submarines instead of the Agosta-90B submarines.

In a case against a television, it was elaborated, “The plaintiff (Admiral Saeed) in his capacity as Chief of Naval Staff did not recommend the French Agosta-90B Class submarines for acquisition by the Government of Pakistan and had in fact recommended, based on the technical and other investigations carried out by Pakistan Navy prior to 1994, the UK manufactured Upholder submarines. The reason for the recommendation was based primarily on the fact that the UK submarines were readily available and had been tested at sea whereas the French Agosta 90 B Class of submarines were yet to be manufactured being prototypes and would have taken years to be delivered. Furthermore, the Pakistan Navy had been offered five and possibly 6 UK Upholder submarines compared to three Agosta-90B class of submarines for a lesser price.”

Pakistan Navy’s decision was ignored by the Ministry of Defence and the Government of Pakistan, both of which decided to went ahead with the Agosta-90B deal.

Pakistan Navy recently was looking for a next generation submarine to equip its navy. France declared that if its Marlin Class submarine was chosen, it would provide additional economic assistance to Pakistan, far superior German U-214 boat was also a possible acquisition, but Pakistan went ahead to acquire six Qing Class submarines from China.


  1. Admiral (Rtd) Saeed M Khan was very right to purchase UK subs, which are cheaper then French subs. it was PPP govt. decision.
    Now, Pakistan Navy needs subs they have to purchase German or Chinese subs instead for French subs.

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