Muhammad Zahir-ul-Islam, Corps Commander Lieutenant General of the Pakistan Army, stated that the army had support and backing of the country as it has rendered sacrifices for the nation.

He stated this during the addressing of a ceremony that was held to pay homage to the high amount of sacrifices of willing victims of the Pakistan Army, here on Saturday. Islam laid a garland at the Yadgar-e-Shuhada earlier, and offered Fateha for the martyrs. The Pakistan Army always rose to the occasion, he said, be it by helping and protecting the valuable lives during various natural disasters or clearing the society off the malice of terrorism, or by simply guarding the frontiers.

The army had even participated in various United Nations missions across the globe, which made the nation proud of its services with honor, dedication, dignity and commitment, he added.


  1. Senate Standing Committee:
    Late but good gesture, the parliamentarians should be apprised of the defence needs in advance, specially for the Air Force, keeping in view the moderen high tech developments and use of high tech weapons by neighboring countries. If we have a force it should be armed with latest weapons otherwise it would be force of no avail.

  2. People stand along with Pakistan Army:
    We should take the nation into confidence by telling truth that we are under threats from several countries. Specail arragements are underway to destroy the physical health of Pakistan. Changes in CIA, pentagon and on indians side, one may expect misadventure with Pakistan, it would be in the shape of serial dorne attacks large in numbers, covert operations, easy target insdie the country by way of using militants. There shall be no harm if people of Pakistan are informed in advance for making them prepared for worst.
    We standby our Forces.

  3. Don’t you think that its about time when General Kyani enforces Martial Law?

    Frankly, our so called “Democratic” government is just a bunch of Corrupt Touts of U.S. Government. Any thoughts?

  4. The core fundamental problem with Pakistan is the lack of education for the masses. Cumpulsory education must be legislated, schools established all over the country, teachers levels must be elevated and education must be given top priority. All this can be financed by redirecting funds from the Defence Department and other areas. The lack of education over the last 63+ years of Pakistan has allowed the establishment of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and all the other nut jobs. Rid the country of fuedal landlords, redistribute the wealth, develop a healthy and vibrant middle class. Lastly, the military has to be reigned in, the ISI has to be placed under civilian governance and most importantly Zardari, PPP et al have to go bye bye! They are ruining the country!

  5. Hail General Ahmed Shuja Pasha!!!

    The Nation’s Hero, who has placed himself for Accountability to public. He unlike our politicians did not take refuge under “Immunity”. He has conscience to accept responsibility of failure of intelligence leading to the events of 2 May.

    Now doubt he along with every soldier of Pak Army is a true “Mujahid”.

    Pak Fauj, tu zidabad
    Pakistan paindabad.

  6. Oh man!!!

    I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually starting to miss General Pervez Musharraf’s military regime. ='(

  7. Assalamo alaikum to Gen. Ashfaq Pervez kiyani, Ahmed shuja Pasha and All Pakistan Arm forces!

    The Pakistani Nations are with you for ever


    hamarey jano mal tujh pe qurban

    Maan se aziz, Pak forces

  8. Army was trying to get rid of Americans then suddendly hit the drama of OBL and caught the ISI/Army on the wrong foot. But that doesn’t means that ISI/Army’s intentions were bad,..

    We are with you,

    Love Pak Army/ISI

    Long live Pakistan…. AMEEEEEENNNNNN

  9. Something doesn’t add up for me! Pakistan’s military planners have deployed upto maybe one and one-half divisions in the insurgent infested areas. By their own claim, the Pakistan army is well trained, well equipped and a disciplined, well-oiled fighting machine! The insurgents, on the other hand are supposedly a ragtag group of long haired, bearded mountain men types driven by their zeal and religious convictions. If compared apple for apple, men for men, soldier for mountain men…the Pakistan army should have not only defeated this mountain menace, but infact totally annihilated these crazed fighting dervish look alikes and yet the outcome has, so far been quite shamefully anything but success. The Taliban/Al Qaida types continue to attack inside major cities, major edifices without much, if any hinderence. Which begs the question…where in the hell is the ISI and/or what the hell have they been up to? Too busy protecting their India-centric Taliban assets or perhaps just resting on their fat behinds ? It is time for these questions and other inquiries to be addressed and answered. This shit can’t go on like this for too much longer!!!!

  10. In my comments of May 20 I mentioned how things don’t add up, particularly in light of the attack on the Pakistani Naval Base. Arguably, this and other and other such attacks have been an inside job. The radical Islamists have established a reach into the Pakistan military establishment! Today attack has the all the style of a well trained force, one that has the ability to not only case the location, it also has the abiltiy to uninterrupte attacks.

  11. The once thought of as an impenetrable wall of the Pakistan military establishment is now merely a myth and a figment of the imagination of the Pakistan military and the “elected” leadership. The last attack on the Pakistan Navy installation has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Pakistan military is impotent, poorly trained and seriously unprepared to do it’s job of safeguarding the territory of the country. 6 terrorist holding off a force of several 100 “special forces” for well over half a day! Imagine if India or Israel or the US again were to execute a plan to come in and do as they pleased…..Pakistan is fangless, weak and seems ready to implode. You can blame all the “forces of evil” outside of Pakistan, but where you have failed terribly is in the lack of taking account of your own misdeeds, the failure to elect selfless government! No one else is to blame for any of your problems but yourself Pakistan for the 60+ years of incompetence and corruption. If this is allowed to continue unchecked, Pakistan will cease to exist, soon!

  12. I love my Pakistan nd Pakistan army nd realy miss the gen. pervaiz musharraf pleeez come back to army.

  13. Here are some questions for Pakistanis to consider! Should they blame everyone else in the world for their problems? Should they conduct a critical self examination? Why have their problems been around since the birth of the country?
    I am sure there are many other questions that should and can be asked by Pakistanis! Blaming the others, especially the CIA, RAW, MOSSAD and the rest of them realistically has not produced any answers, on one hand and on the other hand the problems continue to persist and plague Pakistan, all the while the country is left hurting, wondering and without answers.
    Consider the fact that these problems that are impacting Pakistan today are rooted in the early beginnings of the country and since then have evolved into a core, fundamental nightmare! To tackle these questions, Pakistanis need to start a national dialogue, open to criticism, putting aside their Islamic emotionalism and jolting themselves out of the stupor of believing that their military has a superiority over India. The almost mythological “victory” in the 1965 war over India is nothing but that… a myth and we all know what happened in 1971! Understand that all super powers in the world have their respective spheres of influence directed by their respective socio-economic, political and military demands. This is just the way governments operate, moreover this is the way humans establish hegemony over weaker humans. Pakistanis need to reconcile themselves with the true nature of the country’s size, ability and economic weaknesses.
    Back in 1948, when Pakistan was created, the rich elite, the landlords (feudal) and the influential somehow managed to “run” the country. During this period of infancy, these people failed to legislate any laws mandating education for the masses (only the children of the wealthy went to schools of repute and or in the West), there was no middle class to speak of and slowly but surely and with each failing civilian government the Army (military) got stronger each time it took over “ for the safety and betterment” of the country.
    Here we are in 2011 and the Taliban/ Al Qaida, et al have taken complete advantage of this serious socio-economic chasm, brainwashed the minds of the disenfranchised and the subsequent generations. Leaders have come and gone, not one of them addressed these issues, instead filled their pockets. Military leaders have come and gone and all they did was look after each other and falsely elevated their position in Pakistani society, corruption took root and shortly thereafter spread like wild fire. Zia-ul- Haq did not help much either. In fact to a great extent he has been responsible for the spread of Islamic militancy within the military.
    Is this an abject condition that cannot be remedied? I don’t know. I do know that Pakistan needs to, through the proposed idea of a national dialogue come to a meeting of the minds to rid the country of the current civilian leadership, create and establish some workable form of democracy which would help in electing a true representative government that would provide selfless practical governance, rid the country of landlords, landowners and place the military and all its functional branches under a civilian government.
    Short of these and many other remedial solutions Pakistan at best would be fractionalized into independent states for each of the ethnic groups that make up the population or at worse implode and cease to exist. Either way it would be tragically sad for a country with great potential to stop existing because of not learning lessons from the mistakes of the past or being too cemented in the myth of a supposed “glorious historical Islamic/Pakistani past” and closed minded to be able to think clearly and be circumspect enough to save Pakistan.

  14. Will people of Pakistan stand alongwith Pakistan Army in difficult circumstances after having view of the incidents like Kharot Abad, Karachi etc.?

  15. @Abdul Hai Ansari yess.. cuz u can’t just say that what some army men do means the whole army is bad… The situation we are in right now is very dangerous. But what we can say to the army is to be very careful with the operations as you are doing your best to save us and you are giving ur lives to safe ours but do little more so that the cases like Kharot abad and Karachi wont happen again.

    We Love you Pakistan Army.
    U r the Winner of 1947, 1965, 1971 and Kargil wars.
    and you will be the winner of this war as well Insha Allah

  16. @Lutfishah…you live in a dream land, surrounded by complete naivete and misinformation! If the Pakistanis were allowed to discover the truth, documented by independent observers about the actual battle reports from each of the “wars” you refer to, you would be shocked at how each time the Pakistani military narrowly escaped being annihilated. I am sure you know what happened in 1971, when your army was not able to fight a war and was too busy raping, looting and killing the Bengali intellegentia ultimately losing the war and the taking of 93,000 POWS ! The military has been lying! Finally, the attack on PNS Mehran base by a team of 10 proves my point because these 10 individuals held a deployment of several 100 “special forces” made up of Rangers, police commandos and the SSG in a serious battle for over 16 hours! 10 “terrorists”! HA HA! The 10 also managed to destroy 2 PC Orion aircraft, each worth $36 million gifted to Pakistan! How do you explain the inability and incompetence of your beloved army???

  17. And now we hear about the Brigadier and the 4 majors being in cahoots with HuT! Wow! So much for taking an oath! Yor army sucks !

  18. Hey dear excuse me !!!!!! Mind ur language our army not ur army should suck !!!! we are the leaders dont u remember what was done to ur army during 1965 and 1971 war and what abut ur Tanks they were unable to come forward although they were in numbers but were lacking there strength!!!! you LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!
    We are having the power of EEEEMMMAAAANNNNNNNN(FAITH)………
    we’ll kick your but every time u think abut us>>>>>>>>>>

  19. Mr.Basit Ali Khan, I’m not from India and I hope China kicks India’s butt! Perhaps you don’t understand the term “sucks”. It is a street term meaning “no good” not what you think it have a dirty mind. Your faith did not protect you from the Americans coming in to Abbottabad, just down the street from Kakul and getting UBL or save you from the attack on Mehran Navy base. By the way, India kicked your butt in 1965 and you lost half your country in 1971 and 93,000 POWs. Your army is full of traitors like Brig. Khan and the 4 majors who were arrested. You should read and inform yourself before you take on a fight, you ignorant idiot!

  20. Mr.Somnath999…you guys in South Asia are all alike! Pakistan and India…2 boys, both bad to the core just creating havoc for the region and the world at large. India is no better, particular in terms of social norms, women’s rights, honor killing and a religion driven social-caste division that us unheard of in the rest of the world. It is unimaginable and ridiculous that a person of one caste cannot associate with someone from another caste. Yes! China should scare the hell out of you Indians because they will beat the crap out of you guys, just as they did in 1962. Pakistan is simply a “pimple” but you guys are a cancerous sore, cheap in your financial dealings, racists and still mentally enslaved to the British way of thinking. Despite what you say about Pakistan, they have the Indians concerned enough with their nuclear assets, to change their threatening posture towards Pakistan. India and Pakistan both suck! Bangla Desh used to be a Pakistani colony, now it is an Indian colony.

  21. MrSomnath999…your filthy mouth and your sick mind is evidence that completely supports my claims. Just yesterday you thought this Basit guy was sick in the mind and made baseless claims and today you are a”fellow asian” to him! Besides, you can’t refute any of the claims I have mentioned in my previous posting about India specifically and Asians in general.I am waiting for China to kick your filthy ass!

  22. The fact that this a defence forum was certainly lost on you considering the language you used. Anyway I’m wasting my time in tryng to have a resonable dialogue with you. You obviously chose not to address any of my contentions about the social conditions that exist in your India. Why, just yesterday I read about the rape and murder of three young girls in rural India, one of them just 10 years old! Pedophiles! Forget Pakistan, China will come in and kick your stinky ass! I am done with this meaningless banter with you. You are just as ignorant a your Pakistani neighbor!

  23. When their is no place for capable and talented people Till specific ruling class political parties fooling people of this country and then onwards their next generation ruling again and again who dont pay taxes same rich politicians civil or forces beurocracy till no one free of accountability whether they are NAB officials itself judiciary army air force navy police excise ANF customs etc politicians csps gernalists parlimentarians reduce great difference and finish discrimination miss use of powers investing in research wings improving lives of common public reducing internal instability bomb blasts why no strict implementation of laws except paper work not improving infra structure standing on its on feet rather then fighting USEless destructive wars for usa and its dollars how can we think of better pakistan once again to recover its great position in the world as once it was and keeping upto date all war technologies.

  24. i love pak army ….i salute to pak army ;;; they are the pillars of our country … i have great desire to join pak army ;;;

  25. Why american secret agents counselors so much crazy extremely interested in visiting so frequently K PK and Baluchistan provinces through different routes ways by changing their faces vehicle number plates dodging Pakistani security agencies through different methods fake reasons attempting without n.o.c as Raymond Davis several other black listed already for their past suspicious dangerous activities black water under cover secret agency who later changed their originality every thing supported by raw ,mossad who got spread like pesticides destroyed the peace of Pakistan no one knows their secret motives no one know what was 911 reality bush and Blair fake war against terror which later spread to Afghanistan and almost spreading like cancer every where recent revolution instability specially in middle east Asia gulf states mostly in Muslim states while holding their resources deploying army but not in Europe america or their beloved countries or the countries who can give tough time BUT war mongers 90%percent of media propaganda’s in world who owns it for wars ? but its quiet clear after Russian war AL Qaeda and so called mujaheddin called Taliban who created them ? same people who think ed that till 2015 pk no more in world map,Dollars and army not going to finish with them but only depending on their dollars can make empty hollow the stability and weaken roots of Pakistan. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN……….PAF.PAK ARMY.PAK NAVY.

  26. It is very much clear even if any one goes in history of pakistan will know that usa have always created hurdles for pakistan and tried to destabilise it through different propoagandas fake dramas blame games like did after 911 trade centers collapse to invade afghanistan, iraq capture there resources kill their babies and deploy their army its universal rule of israel and usa forces first let their enemies fight with each other when they get weak attack them as in pakistan shia sunni and india enough for them to tease while still pakistan its leaders officers forces depend on this worst poisnous snake who always bitten pakistan on almost every occasion drone attacks,raymond davis who murdered innocent pakistanis and left free ,bomb blasts, insecurity instability till yet very much crystal clear while pakistan never teased this stage 4 metastatic cancer usa like their xee black water under cover agents several others ,israel and india always usa favourite countries. As usa christians all religions itself becoming slave of jews who got the most cunning wicked brains on earth instead of jerusalem they spreading like parasites every where and increasing cancer every where all can see nothing happening to israel mosquito while playing with so big gulf states like arab uae ksa since years so similar israel will never want that iran, korea become nucler power or pakistan remain nuclear power but no problem israel ,usa ,uk ,france, or india ,make or keep as much bombs they can no problems they can keep and increase them too EVILS double standards still time to attack and finish the roots and their root cause of all such propagandas fake drama makers war mongers usa israel india destroyers of earth. basicaly war is against muslims not against europe america brasil africa canada or non muslim states its true osama cia agent al qaida helped no 1 else more then usa israel helped lot israelis americans to full fill their missions dirty desires to invade free states and hold their assets to provide enviroment for attack as in past mujahideen did in russian war against afghanistan now same people r called thaliban terrorists trained and sent into pakistan in real thalib is so poor cant eat 1 time how he fight keep so expensive guns and live happy in doing this all as dollars have power to do any thing.

  27. Great Army, great soldiers, and high aims can make the country great…Our prayers with you all and Chhoto, my son, fighting the militants in Swat/Dir.


  29. Yes Sanam Mushtaq, Chhotoo is very much there, frequently operating against militants, very motivated and inspired.
    The politicians do not see this side of our sacrifices and their unholy tongue lashing against army in clever ways must be condemned.
    Chhotoo is adventurous. Last winter , he manned a post in Siachen at 21000 feet height for three months where one frequently needs oxygen but he said I never needed…fitness by the grace of Allah.
    Courteous and humble to friends and own people but ruthless to enemies of Pakistan. Allah be with you Chhotoo, always.

  30. thats very good…
    you are right D.Manki i don’t understand why people are against army.. even though they are aware of everything..
    best wishes for your son..

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