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Zhuhai to host 9th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition

Discussion in 'China & Far East' started by yusheng, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Zhuhai to host 9th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition

    11-12-2012 00:39 BJT

    China's southern city of Zhuhai is set to host the 9th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition. Aerobatics Teams from China and abroad have started rehearsing for the six-day show which opens Tuesday.

    China’s Bayi Aerobatics Team has sent their biggest performance team ever. They will show off the new J-10 combat aircraft and the Gunship No.10, which will be making its first appearance.

    Meanwhile, China’s Air Force will be sending 20 planes, including 5 antique aircraft as well as current models, including the long-range fighter-bomber JH7.

    The Breitling Wingwalkers Team from Europe has sent two Boeing Stre’arman Biplanes, where two women will be performing on the wings of the plane. Dozens of war planes and civil aircraft from Russia and Pakistan will also perform during the six day air show.

    PLA jets practice for Zhuhai Airshow

    11-10-2012 14:04 BJT

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    PLA fighter jets have been carrying out practice maneuvers, ahead of the 2012 International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in South China’s Guangdong province. The practice flights come 3 days ahead of the show’s official opening in Zhuhai.

    This the first and only practice flight for the team of 6 fighter jets, ahead of the show. The team is set to perform a half-hour daily routine of 24 aeronautical maneuvers, including 6 that have never been seen before. The Parachute Team from the PLA army has also arrived in Zhuhai, ready to perform a series of stunts.

    Over 600 exhibitors from 39 countries are taking part in the week-long event. There’ll also be aviation product displays, trade talks, and technological exchanges.
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