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Zardari's Brother-in-Laws' Corruption Cases Dismissed

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    16 corruption cases withdrawn on Sindh CM’s orders

    * Govt officials, bureaucrats, 2 brothers-in-law of president are beneficiaries

    * Misappropriated amount is Rs 800 million

    By Razi Syed

    KARACHI: On the directives of the government, courts have quashed 16 cases of corruption to the tune of Rs 800 million during 2008-10, sources in the Ministry of Law said on Wednesday.

    The cases are of misappropriation of government funds by bureaucrats and two brothers-in-law of President Asif Ali Zardari, sources claimed.

    Despite strong evidence, courts were asked to quash these cases under the discretionary powers of Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah.

    The sources claimed, “The Special Committee of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly and upper courts have been informed about the situation.”

    They claimed FIRs were registered in all these corruption cases and orders for the withdrawal of these cases were issued from the Interior Ministry. “These cases were withdrawn on November 11, 2008, April 24, 2010 and on different dates,” sources claimed.

    Mir Manawar Ali Talpur, husband of Asif Ali Zardari’s sister Faryal Talpur, was facing a case of land corruption and misappropriation of land record and was being tried at Kotri, Karachi, and Hyderabad. Five cases were unearthed involving corruption of Rs 200 million and being tried in Mirpurkhas courts. It is surprising that the Sindh government declared these cases false at the behest of the chief minister, sources claimed.

    Fareedullah Peejo, another brother-in-law of President Zardari, is also involved in cases of corruption and misappropriation in the official record of government land.

    Former secretary land board Abdul Razzaq Qureshi is also facing corruption cases.

    A front man of VVIP Safdar Magsi has been involved in misappropriation of funds and land record. Cases of corruption in land and official records by high officials of different departments closely associated with the key political figures had also been withdrawn under the directives of the Sindh CM. The sources said the CM has discretionary powers to order withdrawal of cases. The cases against government officials, including Syed Mahmood Ali, A Rehman Anwer, Ahsan Gul and M Kalim, had been withdrawn, they added.

    Similarly cases against UBL officials, including Ali Zafar Qadri, Mumtaz Haider, M Fatima, Jaffer Imam and Howa Bibi, had also been withdrawn.

    Officials of Karachi Building Control Authority, including Manzoor Qadir, Sattar Memon, Farhan Qureshi and Farooq Adam, were also given benefit and cases against them had been withdrawn.

    It is learnt that cases against some other low-profile government officials had also been withdrawn on the directives of CM. It is stated that the PAC Special Committee also expressed its concern over involvement of high profile people and flayed the clandestine approach adopted in such cases.

    “The poor is becoming poorer while the government has made priorities of its own, then how can one expect to provide relief to the downtrodden in the country,” PAC said.

    Daily Times


    And this is why we'll NEVER prosper as a country. With parallel systems of 'justice' in place, the country only reinforces itself as a joke. Let's not forget Zardari pardoning Rehman Malik earlier this year, despite his convictions.

    So infuriating to read stories like these day in, day out. Can the PAC or no-one out there do anything about such blatant crimes?

    Where's our superhero the Chief Justice who was meant to make everything fine again with his magical judicial wand?
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    corruption khapay khapay ... to hell with Pakistan ... jiay bhutto
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    Saudi Arabia

    This is why Democracy is not a suitable system for Pakistan ..... YET !
    Unless there are land reforms, and these feudal lords are eradicated no system
    based on power of people will prosper.