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Zainabiyoun Brigade could become Pakistan’s new national security problem


Jul 23, 2016
This forum is fast becoming a festering ground for anti Pakistan worms who try and pretend that they represent the country while they cannot even dare to voice there twisted opinions out in society. U have guys openly defending Iran for creating terror groups out of Pakistanis to maggots defending Qadayni's and slandering heroes who fought for honour of our Prophet(pbuh) and then u have a couple of Saudi lovers. May be the admins should start thinking about changing thr name of the forum becasue this cesspool in no way whatsoever represents Pakistan, period.
what about Jundollah ? ISI let Saudis and US use them to do damage to Iran's national security. Pakistan and Iranian govt BOTH accept quietly that they both have supported not so good elements against the other country, not out of intentional spite though, but out of desperation to meet other objectives. Iran AND Pakistan have hosted groups that are hostile to the other. But these activities can cease quickly...because Iran and Pakistan both have generally good relations...
If we did, we must have had a reason for it, stop pretending to be all neutral, either be a Pakistani or an Iranian. The policy should be that we will fck with people for our interests but we wint let others fck with us, period, where is ur self respect?

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