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Yugoimport unveils Lazar IIIP Infantry Combat Support Vehicle


Apr 28, 2011
Lazar III is the latest version of the Lazar armored vehicle family of armed personnel carriers designed and manufactured by Serbian company Yugoimport. It is designed for various applications and missions.
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Lazar IIIP Infantry Combat Support Vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Lazar III has a modular ballistic protection. The hull is made of armored steel and can be fitted with a spall liner. The applied ballistic protection can be tailored to the specific needs of the user and allows for application of additional state-of-the-art ballistic protection technologies throughout the vehicle service life. The vehicle floor has two levels of anti-mine protection.

The power train is accommodated in the front-right side of the vehicle in a protected space completely separated from the crew. The central transfer case transmits the torque to all wheels that have independent suspension and provide for the vehicle’s high mobility. All the shafts provide power, while the first two steer the wheels.

The driver and commander are positioned in the front of the vehicle. They can use side doors for the entrance and exit. Above their seats are hatches, the driver’s hatch having a three-position lock: one position being designed for locking the cover while driving with the open hatch. The driver and the commander have each three periscopes available for their use in the vehicle. The driver’s seat is ergonomic and adjustable in vertical and horizontal planes. The steering column is also adjustable by height and angle. The crew compartment is located in the rear of the vehicle and provides enough space for various missions. This part of the vehicle can be accessed through the rear ramp, through the two doors embedded in this ramp or through the big hatches on the vehicle roof. The ramp is hydraulic-operated by way of the power train. It can be activated both from the driver’s compartment and the crew compartment.

The number of crew members depends on the type of mission and the weapons used in the vehicle. When the vehicle is equipped with the remote control weapon station (RCWS), the vehicle should be manned with 12 troops (commander, driver, gunner + 9 soldiers), while the version with a turret would be manned with one soldier less.

Lazar IIIP Infantry Combat Support Vehicle can reach 110 km/h, climb 60 percent slopes and 3 percent side slopes, overcome 55cm-high obstacles and a 2-meter long trench. The vehicle has a high fording capability of 1.60m.

The vehicle is equipped with a 30/2 RWCS armed with twin 30mm automatic guns and four Nova 145mm missiles with a 6.4kg shaped charge, having an 8km range. It is fitted with a mid-course terminal guidance HH. The 2-ton RWCS has a -7° to +50° traverse angle. The guns are automatically loaded from two110-round magazines. The guns fire at 500 rounds/minute at a muzzle velocity of 1,000m/sec. The RWCS is fitted with an optoelectronic fire control system featuring a thermal imaging camera, TV camera and laser rangefinder. It is intended to fight primarily ground targets at distances of up to 2,000 meters.

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