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YouTube sees 'really strong competition' from China's TikTok - CEO of Youtube


Nov 4, 2011

YouTube sees 'really strong competition' from China's TikTok - CEO of Youtube​

Washington, May 24 (UNI/Sputnik)
YouTube considers the Chinese social media platform TikTok to be a serious competitor, company CEO Susan Wojcicki said on Tuesday.

“We definitely see a really strong competition coming out of China, specifically with TikTok,” Wojcicki said during a discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

TikTok is growing “relatively fast” and the situation in the market is changing quickly, she said.

Wojcicki noted that YouTube does not operate in China and the reality of that set-up gives TikTok certain benefits in terms of investment and in other areas, including developing assets.

“I do think we will see more competition coming out of China. They certainly have a lot of technical expertise, and it is an area we just should be ready to continue to invest in,” she said.

Wojcicki emphasized that YouTube is trying to act as a “good player,” particularly in issues related to health. The company endeavors to rely on information from sources that it considers reliable, she said.
However, Wojcicki did not explain what approaches YouTube uses to work out a “good policy” for information distribution.


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